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Amnesty SOS - Human rights action in the palm of your hand

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    DOWNLOAD our free iPhone App and take action today

    With Amnesty SOS you can join Amnesty International's Urgent Action appeals to free prisoners of conscience, protect people in danger, and save lives – all from your mobile phone.

    When someone suffers a human rights violation, or is in immediate danger, then Amnesty International can issue a global urgent action alert.  Amnesty supporters all around the world – just like you – respond by sending messages to the authorities demanding that they right the wrong.

    Make a difference! Download the AmnestySOS app today and start speaking out for those who need our help.

    When we all act together we can change the world.

    How it works

      When there is an urgent action alert, Amnesty will send out an notification to Amnesty SOS users.

    1.  Tap to open the app and read about the case
    2.  To take action, press the 'Send a message' button and fill out the action form -- pre-filled if you've taken action before
    3.   Click "Send Now". Thank you! You have just taken action to protect someone who needs help.

      Don't forget to share the action with your friends, family and colleagues. The more people who speak out, the more powerful our voices become.

    What is an Urgent Action?

    When an individual is in immediate danger as a result of the violation of a basic human right, Amnesty International can launch an Urgent Action to protect them. The massive number of appeals from concerned people around the world pressures the authorities to right the wrong.

    Read more about Amnesty's Urgent Action Network

    The Amnesty SOS App is free to download and use (data charges may apply). Currently the Amnesty SOS App is available only for iPhone/iPod/iPad. An Android version will be available in 2017.