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Month of Action for Mining Justice

Posted in: Activism Guide
    Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 16:26

    Government officials have told us that they plan to create an ombudsperson for the extractive sector - yet they have not announced it officially and it was not in the federal budget. We need to hold them to their word! Join Amnesty International and the Canadian Network for Corporate Accountability for a Month of Action for Mining Justice in May - and get started today! Let's create a groundswell of support that decision-makers won't be able to ignore. 

    >>> Learn more about the campaign 

    Take Action Now

    1. Join our Webinar 

    To help you prepare for the Month of Action in May, we are offering a webinar on April 18th at 8:00 pm EST. The webinar will provide training on how to organize a public action. Join the webinar by phone at 1 (888) 858-6021 or online >>> here 

    2. Join our Thunderclap 

    Sign up now for our Thunderclap using your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr accounts.

    Thunderclap will coordinate all our social media posts to send a strong, unified message of support to International Trade Minister Champagne prior to the CNCA's meeting with him on May 3rd

    3. Send a Letter

    Don't use social media? No problem! Write a letter to your MP urging them to express their support for an ombudsperson to Minister Champagne. Send it now so that Minister Champagne hears the support before he meets with the CNCA on May 3rd.

    >>> Find your MP here 

    >>> Use our letter template 

    4. Book a Meeting with Your MP 

    In preparation for the Month of Action, call your MP's office now to book a meeting for the last week of May! 

    >>> Find your MP here 

    Take Action in May

    This May, join thirty organizations including Amnesty International in taking Action for Mining Justice. 

    Week One 

    Join us for a webinar on May 4th to hear about CNCA's meeting with Minister Champagne and to get prepared for our Month of Action. 

    >>> Register here 

    Week Two

    Write a letter or send a tweet to Minister Champagne. 

    Stay tuned for sample text and a sample tweet! 

    Week Three 

    1. Participate in a public action

    Toronto - contact Sakura Saunders 

    Ottawa - contact Ailish Morgan-Welden 

    Montreal - contact Elana Wright

    Vancouver - contact Don Wright

    Don't see your city listed, but want to help organize a public action? Contact Fiona Koza 

    2. Host a public screening of the documentary Daughter of the Lake.

    Contact Don Wright for more information.

    3. Submit a letter to the editor at your local newspaper explaining why you are concerned about mining justice. 

    Stay tuned for tips for writing a letter to the editor. 

    Week Four 

    MPs are in their home towns this week! To wrap up the May Month of Action for Mining Justice, meet you MP at their constituency office or give them a phone call.