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Tweet with us on December 10!

Posted in: Write for Rights
    Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 17:39


    Join activists around the world this Human Rights Day for a letter-writing marathon on Twitter and Instagram.

    Write for Rights is one of the world’s largest human rights events and on Human Rights Day we want the world to see how far and wide the campaign reaches, and all the great work we do to change lives.

    On or around December 10th, 2017 we will be using Twitter and Instagram to show that people all over the world are writing letters for those whose rights have been abused. You can find more information on Write for Rights cases here.

    Let’s show the world that human rights matter, by making the 2017 Write for Rights hashtag #WriteforRights appear in conversations online throughout the day!

    3 ways to tweet with us on Human Rights Day!


    1. Tweet or Instagram using #WriteforRights

    While you are writing for rights, wherever you are, post a message Twitter or Instagram.  

    1. Say why you are writing, and
    2. Take a picture of how you are standing up for human rights, or taking action on one of the cases.

    Here are a few examples: [More sample tweets below]

    • Tweet “Write a letter. Change a life! #WriteForRights" and include a picture of your letters
    • Tweet “I am writing for [X] because [Y] #WriteForRights” and include a picture of yourself and your letters
    • Or tweet: “We are writing for you [name of individual or community]! #WriteForRights” and include a picture of yourself or your event


    2. Be part of an online global movement for human rights 

    It’s a party for human rights defenders, and YOU are invited! At 4 pm EST, we have a conversation planned that will help build our community of letter-writers country wide. The chat starts with questions about why you believe in human rights, and it will roll into a few of the cases we are championing this year.

    Make sure you follow Amnesty Canada on twitter. Our twitter handles is @AmnestyNow

    Follow the twitter party in twitter by searching the hashtag #W4R16 and clicking the ‘live’ tab. Or use a twitter party website like_______.

    #W4R16 is the hashtag to use when following the event and engaging the conversation with your fellow letter-writers and human rights defenders.

    ** RSVP for the twitter party right now. We’ll message you right before the party starts!


    3. Tweet or Instagram during YOUR event — any time of day!

    If you are holding or attending a Write for Rights event, we ask that you post a tweet or two on twitter or Instagram.

    Be sure to use 2 hashtags in your tweet: #W4R16 and #Write4Rights

    Take a photo or make a video (e.g. everyone cheering together “write a letter, change a life!”) and let us know where you are and what are you doing in your tweet. Amnesty Canada will be sure to share your pictures and help to spread news of your event.


    Hosting an Event? Project the live conversation!

    On December 10th, you can view our social media livestream to connect with other Amnesty supporters in real-time. 

    If you`re holding a Write for Rights event, set-up a projector and let everyone follow the action. 


    Sample Twitter and/or Instagram messages for each case we are working for. You're also encouraged to write your own!

    Want images? Click here!


    Australia: Refugees on Nauru

    Target: Peter Dutton, Minister of Immigration and Border Protection – @PeterDutton_MP

    Sample message:

    I'm writing to @PeterDutton_MP to Tell #Australia to end the abuse of #refugees on #Nauru. #W4R16 #Write4Rights

    Azerbaijan: Bayram Mammadov & Giyas Ibrahimov

    Target: President Ilham Aliyev – @presidentaz

    Sample message:

    I'm writing for #BayramAndGiyas, jailed on sham drug charges for protest graffiti. @presidentaz release them now! #W4R16 #Write4Rights

    Cameroon: Fomusoh Ivo Feh

    Target: President Paul Biya – @PR_Paul_Biya

    Sample message:

    I'm writing for #FomusohIvoFeh, jailed for 10 years for texting a joke in #Cameroon. @PR_Paul_Biya: Free him now! #W4R16 #Write4Rights

    Canada: Indigenous peoples of the Peace River valley

    Target: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – @JustinTrudeau

    Sample message:

    I'm writing to stand #WithThePeaceRiver @JustinTrudeau #HonourTreaty8 protect Indigenous lands from destruction #NoSiteC #W4R16 #Write4Rights

    China: Ilham Tohti

    Target: the Chinese President does not have a Twitter account, so we ask that you include #China and #XiJinping

    Sample message:

    Im writing to #FreeIlhamTohti jailed for life for his writings & lectures in #China. #XiJinping must release Ilham now! #W4R16 #Write4Rights

    Egypt: Shawkan

    Target:  Minister of Interior Magdy Abde el-Ghaffar – @moiegy

    Im writing for photojournalist @ShawkanZeid facing #deathpenalty in #Egypt for taking photos @moiegy: #FreeShawkan! #W4R16 #Write4Rights 

    Iran: Narges Mohammadi

    Target: Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei – @khamenei_ir

    Sample message:

    I'm writing to @khamenei_ir to urge freedom for Iranian #womensrights defender Narges Mohammadi #FreeNarges #W4R16 #Write4Rights

    Malawi: Annie Alfred

    Target: President Arthur Peter Mutharika – @APMutharika

    Sample message:

    I'm writing to demand @APMutharika #StopTheKilling of people like Annie Alfred with #albinism #Malawi #W4R16 #Write4Rights

    Peru: Maxima Acuna

    Target: Minister of Interior Carlos Basombrío – @CarlosBasombrio or/and @MininterPeru

    Sample message:

    I'm writing to @MininterPeru demanding he protect #HRD Máxima Acuña from attacks! #MaximaIsNotAlone #W4R16 #Write4Rights

    USA: Edward Snowden

    Target:  President Obama – @POTUS

    Sample message:

    I'm writing for @snowden to say #ThankYouEd for exposing global mass surveillance – @POTUS #PardonSnowden #W4R16 #Write4Rights


    That’s it! Thanks for all your efforts. Looking forward to seeing you on Twitter and Instagram!

    Helpful Write for Rights resources: