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Mining and Indigenous Rights in Guatemala


    Resources Online photo exhibit/slide show

    Powerufl slideshow showing the impact on people and communities who have been affected by mining in Guatemala.

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    The Story of the Photo Exhibit

    Amnesty International Canada proudly presents Canadian Extractives as Development: Myth or Reality?, a new photo exhibit by documentary photographer James Rodriguez that engages viewers to consider essential questions about Canada’s self-proclaimed role of responsible global leader in mining development.

    Canadian embassies and trade commissions have aggressively promoted the mining industry’s agenda on foreign soil, while large-scale public media campaigns, both at home and abroad, promote corporate social responsibility practices. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s support for the mining industry has gone as far as outspokenly accusing those opposed to mining as being “in favour of keeping people poor” in developing countries.

    TAKE ACTION GUATEMALA: STOP TARGETTING LAND DEFENDERS! Tell Guatemala's Attorney General that land defenders deserve protection, not prison, for their efforts to protect water and crops. 

    Do you live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland? If so, join us for a free webinar on March 17 at 7 PM.

    Register now!

    We have all heard deeply disturbing reports about Canadian mining companies involved in human rights violations around the world, including in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

    Join this webinar to find out what you can do to help hold Canadian mining companies accountable for harming people in other countries, and to make sure that people who have been harmed by Canadian companies are able to seek justice in Canada.

    This webinar is for residents of the Vancouver Lower Mainland who are interested in human rights and mining justice. We will bring together people from different political ridings to strategize about lobbying their Member of Parliament (MP).

    Special guest: a local MP will join us and talk about how easy and effective it is to talk to your Member of Parliament about issues you are concerned about.


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