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The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    #‎RefugeesWelcomeHere is pleased to join in presenting A Syrian Love Story in Montreal, Toronto & Ottawa

    Join Cinema Politica for the Toronto premiere of A Syrian Love Story, the poignant story of comrades and lovers Amer and Raghda and their incredible odyssey to political freedom. Director Sean McAllister and film protagonist Amer Daoud will be in attendance! Click to watch the trailer here


    Sean McAllister / United Kingdom / 2015 / 90 ' / Arabic / S.T. English

    Comrades and lovers Amer and Raghda met in a Syrian prison cell 15 years ago.

    When McAllister first meets their family in 2009, Raghda is back in prison leaving Amer to look after their 4 boys alone; but as the ‘Arab Spring’ sweeps the region, the family’s fate shifts irrevocably. Filmed over 5 years, the film charts their incredible odyssey to political freedom. For Raghda and Amer, it is a journey of hope, dreams and despair: for the revolution, their homeland and each other.

    Celebrate Refugee Rights Day by joining us for an afternoon of films with a focus on Syria; featuring "Not Who We Are" and "Salam Neighbor" followed by a panel discussion. Visit refugee services information tables. Free admission, everyone welcome. Brought to you by Amnesty International and the Vancouver Public Library.

    Not Who We Are – by Carol Mansour (2013)

    Filmed at a time when more than 45 million people are displaced by war and conflict around the world, this documentary sheds light on the plight of refugee women from Syria. Seeking refuge in Lebanon, these women have fled violent civil conflict in their home country. The effects of war have been deeply traumatic, for not only were they forced to leave their homes, loved ones, and social networks behind, they also have to face ongoing discrimination, disempowerment, and violence.


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