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    Have your say: Help Create a New Vision of Human Rights Work in Canada

    Amnesty International Canada (AIC) and the global AI movement are facing a time of change, challenge and opportunity. AIC’s current Branch Plan ends in 2015 and the international movement is choosing new goals to guide AI’s human rights work over the coming years. 

    Thank you so much to everyone who participated in discussions, debates and through online surveys to developing a new Branch Vision for AI Canada! Members wholeheartly supported this new vision at the AGM in Halifax from May 29-31, 2015.

    Amnesty International Canada's Vision to 2020

    Our vision for AI Canada in 2020 is that of achieving ever greater levels of human rights impact. We will be:

    • A leading Canadian voice for international and national human rights protection;
    • A formidable force for human rights change through our own activism and in partnership with rights-holders and other groups and individuals across Canada;
    • A major source of human rights information and analysis for journalists, politicians and decision-makers;
    • Recognized experts with respect to certain human rights issues that carry a particular responsibility for Canadians, notably the rights of Indigenous peoples and the human rights impact of Canadian companies in the extractive sector, both at home and abroad.

    What’s Next?

    Please stay tuned for information on upcoming consultations as we strive to implement the vision and engage with members and supporters across Canada on decisions and directions coming out of the International Council Meeting (ICM) in Dublin in August.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Consultation Committee at

    Membership Consultation Committee (MCC)

    The Membership Consultation Committee (MCC) is tasked with implementing membership consultations on mandate and organizational issues. At a minimum, these are decisions that require membership consultation and/or decision-making as one of the primary aims of the MCC is to generate membership involvement in the major decisions and issue positions that the Branch takes. The MCC is made up of representatives of the Board, staff and 2 members-at-large and reports to the Board and management.