Justice for Miriam Lopez and an end to the use of torture in Mexico

February 6, 2014

Watch a video telling the shocking story of Mariam's abuse and torture after being arbitrarily detained by Mexican soliders.


mexico_miriam.jpgMiriam López is a 30-year old mother who is living a nightmare.

On 2 February 2011, Miriam was detained and tortured by Mexican soldiers. In order to get Miriam to implicate herself and others in drug trafficking offences, they subjected her to electric shocks and near asphyxiation, then raped her three times.

Miriam was eventually released without charges. She has been brave enough to file a formal complaint. Yet nobody has been brought to justice

Miriam Lopez is not the only one. In the last few years, thousands of Mexicans have reported torture and ill-treatment at the hands of soldiers and police. In the vast majority of cases, those responsible are never held to account.

In 2012 the UN recommended a set of measures for Mexico to implement in order to combat torture. So far, the government has failed to act on them.

Join Miriam to demand justice and end torture in Mexico by signing our action!

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Known abusers, but victims ignored: Torture and Ill-treatment in Mexico


Photo: Portrait of Miriam Isaura Lopez Vargas.  © Agencia Reforma


Take action!

Please send a message to the President of Mexico demanding justice for Miriam and an end to the use of torture by security forces in Mexico.

To:Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico

Dear President Peña Nieto,

I have just watched an Amnesty International video clip which I think you should watch too. It’s about the story of Miriam Isaura López Vargas, a 30-year-old mother of four from Ensenada, Baja California state. She was arbitrarily arrested and tortured by soldiers in February 2011.

Please ensure that the federal public prosecutor carries out a full, impartial investigation into what happened to Miriam. Those responsible must be brought to justice.  

I also call on you to implement without delay the recommendations made by the UN Committee against Torture in November 2012. Thousands of Mexicans have reported torture in the last few years. Your government now has the opportunity – and the responsibility – to end this torture epidemic.

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