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Join our Amnesty Consultation Team!

    The Amnesty Consultation Team (ACT) is currently seeking 2-3 Amnesty members and volunteer leaders to join the 6-member ACT, which assists with membership consultation on governance matters. For more information please contact

    Deadline for applications is March 8, 2017.

    Terms of Reference

    The Amnesty Consultation Team is tasked with implementing membership consultations on mandate and organizational issues. At a minimum, these would be decisions that require membership consultation and/or decision-making, since one of the primary aims is to generate membership involvement in the major decisions and issue positions that the Branch takes.  In addition the ACT will work to foster member awareness and engagement in governance issues. The committee will report to the Board and management.


    The committee will consist of 1 Board member, 2 staff and 2 members. All members of the committee must be well-skilled in issues around process (e.g., facilitation; strategies and techniques for bringing people into dialogue (face-to-face, web-based, etc.); techniques for bridging disagreements; etc.), but not necessarily content experts.  It is expected that the process team will work closely with the required content people in each consultation, as appropriate. Members will be asked to join the ACT for a term of 2 years in order to allow for continuity of the work.

    Full job description and terms of reference available upon request.