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Health and Human Rights

    We all have the right to access services and care needed to live a healthy life. But we know that these rights are often violated through restrictions, lack of access, discrimination, and poor quality healthcare.

    Amnesty International works ensure that health-related human rights are protected and respected. We advocate on behalf of individuals who have experienced gross violations of their health-related human rights. We take actions to support human rights defenders who are at risk because they stand up for health-related human rights. And we act to combat systematic discrimination, for example, gender-based discrimination that prevents women from accessing maternal and newborn healthcare.

    Our Health Network was formed over 25 years ago to bring together health professionals, educators, and others to advocate on health-related human rights concerns at the local, national, and international levels.

    Health Network members receive a monthly newsletter with e-actions and letter-writing cases (Urgent Actions) related to health. See recent Health Network newsletters: 

    The network also engages health professionals in Amnesty International Canada’s health-related campaigns.

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