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MENA (Middle East & North Africa Region) Refugee Crisis

    Syria continues to be the largest refugee producing country in recent history. With no end in sight to the conflict and humanitarian crisis, it is likely that it will continue. The RMR (?) team will continue to monitor and respond to the situation in the five main host countries: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordon, Iraq and Egypt.

    The main focus will be on the conditions faced in host countries including the negative coping mechanisms adopted by refugees due to the lack of adequate humanitarian funding for the crisis and lack of sufficient safe and legal routes to third countries (including resettlement options in addition to humanitarian admission and other programs), in addition to precarious legal status in host countries.

    The primary aim of the ongoing research is to put pressure on the international community to increase humanitarian funding to host countries and to increase the number of resettlement and humanitarian admission for refugees from Syria; including Palestinian refugees from Syria. Conditions for refugees in host countries also need to be improved as the refugee crisis becomes a long term/protracted one.

    As part of the Global Campaign, the focus will be on resettlement and humanitarian aid to refugees and include a focus on particularly vulnerable groups including children, those with serious health problems and Palestinian refugees from Syria. The project will look at the complex refugee situation in MENA.

    Project Activities

    • Report on access to health care for Syrian refugees in Jordan based on mission in November 2015
    • Advocacy with the Jordanian authorities on the report on access to health care of Syrian refugees
    • International advocacy on Syria and other refugee crises on responsibility sharing ahead of AI’s Global Refugee Campaign
    • Mission to one of the main countries hosting refugees from Syria: Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt
    • Mission focused on other groups of refugees in MENA – Iraqi’s, Sudanese, Yemenis, etc on a reactive basis

    For more information about how you can support our current projects, please contact: Guy Yerama at (416) 363-9933 ext. 331 or by email

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