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Open for Justice


    Ask your MP to commit to ensuring that people whose human rights have been abused by Canadian mining, oil and gas companies abroad are able to seek justice in Canada.



    1. CAMPAIGN BACKGROUNDER For more information about the Open for Justice campaign, read our backgrounder.
    2. BOOK: INJUSTICE INCORPORATED In March 2014 Amnesty International published a book about Access to Remedy.
    3. FLYER If you wish to promote the Open for Justice campaign at your event, please use our one-page flyer.
    4. YOUTH ACTION Encourage your child(ren) or students to take part in our Open for Justice campaign by participating in this "Lifesaver" action.
    5. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Do you have questions about the Open for Justice campaign? See our Q&A sheet for common questions and answers.
    6. MP LOBBYING KIT We encourage you to phone or visit your MP to seek their support for this important issue. Here are some resources to help you prepare for your MP meeting:



    Written and Directed by Timo Schmidt.
    This short film explores the relationship between indigenous rights and mining operations around the world.
    Produced by Stephen Hunt. This short film explores the impact that Canadian transnational companies have on local communities as well as Canadian identity.


    Fiona Koza and Tara Scurr
    Business and Human Rights Campaigners
    604-294-5160 x103

    Elizabeth Berton-Hunter
    Media Relations
    416-363-9933 x332

    Open for Justice is a joint campaign organized by the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) and its member organizations, including Amnesty International.


    Let's ensure Canada is "Open for Justice" and not just "Open for Business"!

    All over the world, there are people who suffer human rights abuses resulting from corporate activity.  In many countries though, it is extremely difficult for people to obtain justice when their rights have been violated. This is particularly true when the harms are caused by foreign companies or their subsidiaries.

    In the few cases where people from other countries have come to Canada to seek justice for human rights violations involving Canadian corporations, they have not succeeded. This is because the existing mechanisms available in Canada to address corporate human rights violations overseas are inaccessible and ineffective.

    To fix this problem, Amnesty International Canada is demanding that Canada be “Open for Justice”.

    Please take action by phoning or visiting your MP. See our Resources section for our MP lobbying kit, including talking points, questions and answers, and other helpful tips for meeting with your MP. Contact us at before you go to your MP meeting so that we can notify you of any updates.



    “In our globalized world we can’t hide behind the idea that the harm is happening somewhere else and is someone else’s problem. Canadian companies need to be held to account in Canadian courts.”

    - Alex Neve, Secretary General, Amnesty International Canada.




    REPORT CARD: Which political parties supported corporate accountability for Canada's mining, oil and gas sectors abroad? Read this Parliamentary Report Card. Sept 28, 2015

    2015 ELECTION: Are your local candidates concerned about the human rights impacts of Canadian oil, gas and mining companies? What do they think about the barriers to justice faced by people who have been harmed by Canadian companies overseas?  Find out what candidates in your riding think about access to remedy for people harmed by Canadian mining companies. Ask your candidate whether he or she supports Amnesty's call for an Extractives Sector Ombudsperson. You can find a sample of these questions on our Canada Votes 2015 page! August-October 2015

    IMPORTANT CAMPAIGN UPDATE:  Which MPs have already signed the Open for Justice pledge?

    PUBLIC STATEMENT: Support for an International Treaty on Business and Human Rights. June 18, 2015.

    OP ED: Corporations have rights. Now we need a global treaty on their responsibilities. By Salil Shetty, Amnesty International Secretary General. January 21, 2015.

    NEWS RELEASE: Government fails to create an extractive-sector Ombudsman, despite broad public support (CNCA press release). November 14, 2014.

    NEWS STORY: Vancouver-based Tahoe Resources faces lawsuit over violence at Guatemala mine. June 18, 2014.

    GET INVOLVED: Stage a performance of The Last Walk of Adolfo Ich. June 11, 2014.

    NEWS RELEASE: Police set hundreds of homes ablaze near Porgera gold mine. June 10, 2014.

    NEWS RELEASE: Dow shields shareholders from toxic truth in Bhopal. May 14, 2014.

    OPEN LETTER: Open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper re new AI book on access to remedy. May 8, 2014.

    NEWS RELEASE: Canadian book launch: Injustice Incorporated. May 8, 2014.

    OP ED: Time to counter human rights abuses by Canadian mining companies. Toronto Star (online edition). May 8, 2014.

    OPEN LETTER: To Governments on the development and implementation of National Action Plans for business and human rights. May 1, 2014.

    OPEN LETTER: To Prime Minister Stephen Harper re Canadian companies and Banladesh factory safety. April 23, 2014.

    BLOG POSTING: Win a Prize for getting your MP's support! April 14, 2014.

    BLOG POSTING: Financial power: Behind the lack of remedy for corporations’ human rights abuses April 9, 2014

    NEWS RELEASE: Who does the law protect? New book by Amnesty International calls for radical change to ensure corporate accountability and the right to an effective remedy March 7, 2014

    SUBMISSION: CNCA submission to the Canadian Government's CSR strategy review. Jan 8, 2014

    NEWS RELEASE: Canada must be “Open for Justice” - organizations call for action for overseas victims of Canadian companies
    October 22, 2013



    • Webinar: Join our national webinar to Mobilize for Mining Justice Week on Wed, March 18, 2015.
    • Webinar: Do you live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland? Join our Open for Justice webinar and help make Vancouver "Open for Justice". Tues, March 17, 2015.
    • Take Action Now! Participate in Mining Injustice Week May 10-16. Visit for more information on how to get involved.
    • Toronto premiere of "Huicholes - the Last Peyote Guardians". The film tells the story of the Wixarika people and their struggle against the Mexican government and Canadian mining companies.Novembeer 26, 2014.
    •  Autorickshaw concert for Bhopal. Toronto. Nov 9, 2014.
    • Panel discussion: Lawsuits Against Multinational Companies: Developments in Transnational Litigation in the UK, the US, Australia, South Africa and Canada. Ottawa. November 3, 2014.
    • Lawsuits against Canadian mining companies. University of Ottawa. June 26, 2014.
    • Open for Justice rally and delivery of 80,000 letters to MPs. May 14, 2014.
    • Canadian book launch: Injustice Incorporated. May 8, 2014.