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Individuals at Risk

    Defending the Human Rights of Individuals Around the Globe

    Join human rights supporters taking action to protect the rights of individuals at risk, including Human Rights Defenders, Prisoners of Conscience, and victims of human rights abuses.

    Watch this video to learn more about how Amnesty International's Individuals at Risk program helps protect those who put their own lives at risk for the cause of human rights.

    Then take action on one of the cases below or make a donation to support this critical work for human rights.

    Your support helps Amnesty International save more lives

    Canadian Hamid Ghassemi-Shall thanks Amnesty members following his safe return from death row in Iran. Your financial support helps Amnesty to mobilize, publicize and campaign to protect the human rights of Individuals at risk.
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    Take Action

    Raif Badawi: 
    Act now for the Saudi blogger who is set to receive 50 lashes tomorrow, the start of an inhuman sentence of 1000 lashes. 
    Mohamed Fahmy:
    In 2014, three Al Jazeera journalists – Canadian-Egyptian Mohamed Fahmy and Egyptian Baher Mohamed  – were sentenced to seven years in jail.
    Flaminio Onogama Gutierrez:
    An Indigenous leader in Colombia, Flaminio's life is at risk, following death threats and the killing of two family members.
    Huseyin Celil:
    He is a Canadian Citizen, who is a member of China’s Uighur minority and a human rights activist, jailed in China since 2006.
    Abdulhadi al-Khawaja:
    Human rights defender was beaten, tortured and sentenced to life imprisonment for speaking out for human rights during the "Arab Spring" in Bahrain.
    Laísa Santos Sampaio:
    Her life and family face death threats for protecting the Amazon in Brazil.
    Juan Pablo Guitierrez: 
    Received a death threat for his work protecting the rights of Indigenous peoples in Colombia. 
    Eskinder Nega:
    Ethiopian journalist and human rights activist has been sentenced to 18 years for writing articles calling for freedom of expression and an end to torture.

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