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Business and Human Rights

    Economic players, especially trans-national companies, enjoy unprecedented power and influence across the world’s economies.There is global concern over the ways in which trans-national companies benefit from economic globalization while all too often evading accountability when their operations result in environmental or human rights abuses. Canada, in particular, has been called upon by international human rights bodies to more effectively regulate Canadian companies' overseas operations and sanction those who violate human rights. 

    At the heart of Amnesty International’s concerns are the individuals and communities whose human rights may be at risk.

    Our two major Business and Human Rights campaigns are "Open for Justice" and "Don't Undermine Our Rights". To find out more about these campaigns, please click on the images below.

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    NEW RESEARCH: BHR team investigates Mount Polley disaster

    On August 4, 2014, the tailings impoundment at the Mt Polley mine in British Columbia breached, releasing millions of cubic metres of toxic slurry into the environment. Amnesty International will visit the community closest to the Mt Polley mine site in July 2015 to assess the human rights impact.

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    UPDATE: Over 135,000 people have signed a new SumofUs online petition that demands Canadian mining company Nevsun Resources stop benefitting from slavery at its Eritrea mine and pay all workers at the mine fairly for their work.  We announced that a lawsuit had been filed against the company last November (see below). There are currently four lawsuits being heard in Canada against Canadian mining companies for allegations of harms committed in their overseaes projects. 

    The Nevsun case was recently covered in an article for the Guardian newspaper. And in June 2015 the UN issued a report into the allegations. The lawsuit against Nevsun is expected to be heard in BC Supreme Court in January, 2016. 





    Eritreans file civil lawsuit in British Columbia against Nevsun Resources Limited for slave labour & crimes against humanity. November 20, 2014

    Hundreds of oil spills continue to blight the Niger Delta. March 18, 2015

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