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The Millennium Development Goals and Human Rights

    The Millennium Development Goals and Human Rights 

    Rally for the Millenium Development Goals. Peru

    As the twentieth century drew to a close, world leaders gathered to set new goals for building a world free from want and fear. The United Nations Millennium Declaration (2000) set out eight goals for the global community to achieve by 2015.  They are:

    1. Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger;
    2. Providing universal primary education;
    3. Promoting gender equality and empowering women;
    4. Reducing child mortality;
    5. Improving maternal health;
    6. Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases;
    7. Ensuring environmental sustainability; and
    8. Developing a global partnership for development.

    These goals have been the focus of significant attention, political will, and financial support. International bodies and national governments have made significant political, legal and financial commitments to achieve these goals. They have also committed to measuring and reporting on their progress.

    Amnesty International members have joined the international community in campaigning to reduce maternal and child mortality. They have campaigned for the realization of the economic and social rights that would ensure food, water and housing for all. They have demanded accountability from their leaders. More fundamentally, they have demanded that the goals set out in the Millennium Declaration are joined with the recognition of the need to ensure the fundamental human rights of those living in poverty.

    As 2015 approaches, Amnesty is joining in the global debate about how we set goals for the future. Amnesty International is calling for human rights to be at the center of any new goals set by the international community. Our members are demanding that the voices of those most affected by want and fear are part of the debate. 

    Photo: Rally for the Millenium Development Goals. Peru