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Women's Human Rights

    Promoting gender equality 

    Amnesty International's goal is a world where people of all genders have their rights equally respected and protected. But we're not there yet!

    Join us to root out the injustice that women and gender non-conforming people simply because of their gender; help transform unequal power relationships between people of different genders; end the discrimination and violence that people face simply because of their gender; and make sure that activists around the world advocating for gender equality can freely carry out their work without threats or violence.

    Why? Because no one should face violence or discrimination because of who they are. Because one in three women experience violence at some point in their lives and that is just unacceptable. And because far too many people don't have access to make the most basic decisions about their bodies and their lives--like when to marry, or whether to have children.


    >My Body My Rights Report

    >T-shirts, temporary tattoos, and even underwear

    >Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Rights: A Human Rights Framework

    >Women’s Lives: Women’s Rights: Campaigning 

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