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Stage your own performance of The Last Walk of Adolfo Ich


    The Last Walk of Adolfo Ich is a factual, thought provoking play that presents the story of Adolfo Ich, an indigenous man and community leader who was murdered at a mining site in Guatemala. Witnesses say the perpetrators were security guards working at the Canadian-owned mine. In the play, we hear from the wife of Adolfo Ich and her Canadian lawyer, as well as representatives of the Canadian mining company and the Canadian Government.

    The Last Walk illustrates the serious human rights problems associated with extractive industries in Guatemala. It also highlights the role the Canadian government and Canadian investors play in prolonging the failure of justice for people harmed by Canadian companies abroad. The Last Walk underscores the necessity for victims of human rights violations involving multinational corporations to have access to justice for the harms caused them.

    The Last Walk is a play that can be easily performed by a small group of people, who read from the scripts provided (no need to memorize lines). Smaller roles can be played by audience members, turning it into a participatory event. Because the play is only 20-minutes long, it allows time for people to discuss the issues afterwards, in a classroom or auditorium setting.

    Script by Marion De Vries. Commissioned by Aluna Theatre.


    For more information about how to stage your own production of The Last Walk, and to obtain a free copy of the script, please contact or 604 294 5160 x 103.

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