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    Amnesty International is a democratic organization dedicated to effective use of financial and people resources to meet our human rights goals.

    At the international level, the members of the Board of Directors – known as the International Board (IB) – provide guidance and leadership for the Amnesty International movement worldwide.

    Every year, a Global Assembly is convened, where representatives of each section come together to discuss strategies, policies, vote on IB members, and share ideas and knowledge to guide the international movement.

    There are over 80 Amnesty International offices worldwide.  In Canada, we have two branches – the English-Speaking one with its main office in Ottawa, and the Francophone Branch located in Montreal.

    The English-Speaking Branch is guided by our Board.  The Board is made up of 10 people elected by our national membership.  The work of the Board ranges from setting policies to approving the operational plans and the budget for Amnesty Canada’s work each year and ensuring that international decisions are implemented at the national level. Board members are a dynamic group of people committed to human rights for all and driven to make Amnesty an ever-stronger voice, both within Canada and within an international context.

    In Canada, Amnesty members participate in our Annual General Meeting where they are able to bring forward and vote on resolutions that give direction to the Branch's work and shape policies, vote for members of our Board, and vote for the ICM delegates.

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