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How We Make A Difference

    Amnesty International is a global movement of over 7 million people committed to defending those who are denied justice or freedom.
    Together -- with supporters like you --we make a difference!

    You help us change the lives of individuals.

    Over the years, Amnesty International supporters have worked to bring positive changes to the lives tens of thousands of people. Prisoners have been released, given needed medical attention, been granted access to lawyers and proper legal processes, and been able to have contact with family members. Death Penalty sentences have been overturned. Individuals have been protected from torture and ill-treatment.And people have been re-united with their families and loved ones, and have able to re-claim their lives, jobs, homes and personal security.

    Together, we protect Human Rights Defenders.

    Amnesty International stands alongside those who stand up for the rights of people in their communities. When those champions of human rights are persecuted, intimidated, threatened, imprisoned, or beaten in attempts to silence them, Amnesty International brings their situation to the world's attention and our supporters act quickly to send messages to protect them.

    We strengthen the international human rights framework.

    Amnesty International uses its expertise to identify gaps in international human rights law, such as the need for new instruments and enforcement mechanisms. Some of our work in this area includes helping to shape the International Criminal Court, working with Indigenous partners to develop and promote the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, and contributing to the push for an effective International Arms Trade Treaty.

    We bring perpetrators to justice.

    When Amnesty International calls for action to end human rights abuses, we also call for those responsible to be called to justice through impartial investigations and fair legal trials.

    We influence legislation and policy.

    Amnesty International identifies where states are failing to meet their international treaty obligations, and works to ensure that states implement the necessary changes.


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