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What we do

    Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty Canada, on mission in South Sudan, April 2012.

    Amnesty International turns knowledge of human rights violations into global awareness and action.

    We uncover the truth about human rights abuses, and mobilize individuals to take action so that human rights abuses are stopped, individuals and communities are protected, and perpetrators of human rights violations are brought to justice.

    Research.  Amnesty International sends around 130 research teams to visit roughly 70 countries every year.  Our researchers listen to testimonies from people who have experienced and witnessed human rights violations, monitor legal proceedings, visit prisoners, and speak to civil society organizations, government officials, and others who are able to provide and verify information.  We have on-going research and media monitoring of events unfolding around the world.  And we receive information from human rights organizations, individuals, and others who are on the ground.  We investigate to verify all the information we gather and receive.

    Expose the truth.  Amnesty International shines a light on human rights by making its research findings public.  We publish 1000s of reports, press releases, and public statements and produce videos and other materials.  We hold press conferences, do media interviews, and share the information in our publications, through our digital channels, and through our supporter networks.  We present our research findings directly to government officials, and regional and international bodies.  We engage in public awareness and education work to make sure that no human rights violations are hidden in the darkness.

    Take Action. It is our supporters who make the biggest impact.  They take all kinds of actions, from signing online and offline letters and petitions, holding public demonstrations, meeting with local MPs, getting local media attention to critical issues, and in so many other ways using their creativity, dedication and energy to keep the pressure on and get results.

    Join us!