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Bangladesh Research Trip

    Solidarity with Rohingya

    Research delegation: gathering testimonials from refugees in Bangladesh

    Amnesty International research delegates are meeting this month with Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, to conduct interviews, gather testimonies, capture audio/visual content, and gather additional information about refugee experiences and conditions in the refugee camp.  

    Researchers are also seeking to support existing demands of Rohingya refugees, who are advocating for the following and more: improved living conditions, access to education, safety for women and girls, no forced returns to Myanmar, and, in Myanmar, full citizenship, equal protection of their rights, and guarantees of safety and protection.

    Amnesty International is working in solidarity with Rohingya refugees to uphold their human rights, including the right to adequate housing and health, freedom of movement and other human rights whilst they are in Bangladesh. Following the visit to Cox's Bazar, Amnesty delegates will be meeting with government officials to demand recognition and action.

    With the support of local NGO partners, the Amnesty International delegation includes: Saad Hammadi, (Regional Campaigner, South Asia Regional Office, based in Sri Lanka), Ahmer Khan (Multimedia Producer, South Asia Regional Office, based in Sri Lanka), Alex Neve (Secretary General, Amnesty Canada), and Kate Schuetze (Researcher/Advisor, Refugee and Migrant Rights Team, based in Australia).

    Rohingya Voices

    Amnesty International Perspectives

    “Education for all, why not for refugees?” Rohingya refugee children are missing out on education in Bangladesh (March 12, 2019)|
    In early January 2019 the Bangladesh government started to enforce a long-standing policy that no Rohingya children would be able to go to school. Click here to find out more>>

    My children deserve better than I had (February 21 2019)
    Mohammed Ali is a 65 year-old Rohingya farmer from the village of Kyein Chaung, in the Township of Maungdaw describes fleeing to Bangladesh to escape violence in Rakhine State. Click here to read the full blog>>

    When is a crisis no longer a crisis? Certainly not yet for the Rohingya (February 11 2019) 
    Alex Neve reports back on his arrival in Bangladesh, and the questions he plans to ask over the next 2 weeks. Click here to read his full blog>>

    Remains from the Ashes
    The Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh have yet to come to terms with the trauma they had experienced in Myanmar. Ahmer Khan visited Cox’s Bazar to document in photographs the Rohingya people with what they held dearest to them during their troubled escape from home. Photos: Ahmer Khan (Twitter, Instagram) Words: Saad Hammadi, South Asia Campaigner (Twitter).


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