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30 ways you can make a difference for refugees

    Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 15:04
    The Ali family in Toronto
    The Ali family are Syrian refugees who have settled in Toronto
    Photo Credit: 
    Stephanie Foden/Amnesty International

    We’re spending the month of September highlighting all the amazing ways you can make a difference to refugees at home in Canada, and around the world. We’ll be posting a new blog every day in September; you can follow along on our blog and social media channels, and remember to share what actions you are taking by using the hashtags #IWelcome and #AmnestyCanada .

    September 4: What is a refugee? Get informed – knowledge is power.

    September 5: Refugees in numbers

    September 6: Do the MOOC on refugees

    September 7: Stories behind the numbers

    September 8: Help us keep fighting for refugee rights

    September 9: Your support makes a difference

    September 10: Beyond Borders

    September 11: What is refugee legislation and policy like in Canada?

    September 12: Why lasting solutions for refugees are essential.

    September 13: Find a local community group that support refugees.

    September 14: Safe spaces for refugees

    September 15: Volunteer to support refugees

    September 16: Try something new

    September 17: Meet someone who’s a refugee

    September 18: Find leaders in your community that speak out on refugee issues.

    September 19: Find a refugee business near you

    September 20: Could you volunteer a skill that helps refugees?

    September 21: How can you get involved in community refugee sponsorship?

    September 22: How can big businesses support refugees?

    September 23: How can you teach young people about refugees?

    September 24: Help refugees in Manus

    September 25: Reunite Refugee Families

    September 26: Show that you welcome refugees

    September 27: Keep talking about refugee issues

    September 28: Have your say: tell us ways to welcome refugees

    September 29: Don’t stop at 30 days, support refugees long term