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Be a social media mobilizer for #Write4Rights!

Posted in: Write for Rights
    Saturday, December 3, 2016 - 15:49

    Check out the *FULL list of social media mobilizing ideas HERE*, including our Twitter Party at 4 pm EST on December 10!

    Write for Rights is just around the corner — now's the time to spread the word!

    1. Use social media to encourage friends to sign up!

    Like and Share our Write for Rights posts that you see on the Amnesty Canada Facebook page and Twitter feed OR post your own message using #Write4Rights and!

    Sample Social Media Messages:

    • I’m joining #Write4Rights because a letter can change a life. Are you?
    • You're invited to the #Write4Rights letter writing party in #Hamilton!
    • Write a letter. Change a life. Join me for this year’s #Write4Rights:

    You can also include your favourite Write for Rights video!



    2. Make Write for Rights your new profile picture!

    We’ve designed a profile picture overlay which you can easily add to your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts.

    Visit to grab your new profile picture and check out other ways to promote Write for Rights via social media. You won’t just be spreading news of the event; you’ll look good doing it! 


    3. Share solidarity photos!

    Each Write for Rights case has an online solidarity action. We're particularly encouraging participatnts to share messages of support with the Indigenous peoples of the Peace River valley, land defender Máxima Acuña, women human rights defender Narges Mohammadi or refugees seeking asylum in Australia.