El Salvador’s government must meet commitment to Beatriz

UPDATE: Beatriz send thanks to those who spoke out for rights, after receiving life-saving treatment during her pregnancy.

Seven weeks ago, few people knew who Beatriz was, but over the last weeks the plight of this 22-year-old woman in El Salvador has inundated social media networks and travelled across the globe.

Beatriz, a 22-year-old seriously ill pregnant woman who is six months into a non-viable pregnancy and has been diagnosed with a number of severe illnesses including lupus and kidney problems, has so far being prevented from having medical treatment that could save her life.

After a lengthy court case, on May 29, El Salvador’s Supreme Court of Justice issued a ruling which denied Beatriz her appeal for access to a therapeutic abortion, passing the responsibility for any decision on her treatment to the doctors treating her. This decision left the responsibility for Beatriz’s life and health firmly and solely in the hands of the Salvadoran government as the ultimate guarantors of Beatriz’s human rights.

Following the Supreme Court ruling, on May 30, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued protective measures for Beatriz, ordering the government to provide her with the treatment she needs without further delay. The Salvadoran government is legally bound to comply with this order.

The Salvadoran Minister of Health publicly stated on May 30 that Beatriz will be given the treatment she needs, which is is a very welcome commitment.

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