Inviting Amnesty International Canada Youth Members: Help Shape Our Activism Strategy

Attention all Amnesty Youth!

We are writing to invite you to participate in an exciting conversation on Friday, September 13th. This meeting will lead into a following meeting on membership engagement. It is at this meeting that Amnesty International Canada’s activism strategy will be looked at and shape what it is to look like in the following year. There will be two youth representatives (Laura and Lee) who will take what we discuss at the Sept 13th meeting, and bring it to the membership engagement meeting. And we want to make sure your voices are heard. So….here’s where you come in! We need your input!

As many of you may know, our annual meetings will now take place every two years. This has opened up an opportunity for a more diverse manner in which we train youth and an exciting space for your innovation and creativity.

Below are a few questions, that we hope to guide some of our brainstorming at the meeting:
·         What are the support and training needs of youth?
·         What are we doing now that works? What does not and most importantly what can we do better?
·         What would you like to see us try? Is there something fresh and innovative, or even a bit different that would you like to see us take on?
·         Do you know of other organizations who are supporting and training youth in exciting ways?
·         How would you like to be involved or support this work?

There are four ways in which we invite you to be involved:
1. Join us in person on Friday, September 13th from 12pm to 5pm
2. Join us via skype
3. Join an email consultation group
4. Share your thoughts via email in advance and we will be sure to share them at the meeting

Please let us know if and how you would like to be involve in this! You can email with your response.

For those of you are interested in joining us in person, please let us know. Please note that we have only a very small travel budget, but can cover small costs like bus travel. Also, we will feed you. If you would like to join in person please let us know by September 9th and we can get some details to you.

Details to follow regarding participating via skype.

Indicate if you are interested in joining an email consultation group, and we will be sure to loop you in!

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Shauna and Laura