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Canen sings her heart out for human rights on her twelfth birthday

Posted in: Members Take Action
    Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 10:11

    Do you remember how you celebrated your 12th birthday? This summer, rather than just throw a party for her birthday, Canen decided to use her voice in a creative way to raise money and awareness for human rights. 

    I started singing last year, and my teacher encouraged me to record an album. I wanted to use my singing to make people happy and make other kids who aren't free happy through my fundraising. I was really affected by the story of Malala and the film ‘Half the Sky’, and that is how I chose to raise funds for human rights at Amnesty International.”
    - Canen

    Canen (a stage name taken from Canens, the Roman goddess of song) worked busily in the recording studio with numerous professionals to produce an album, ‘Think Twice’.

    She created a web page exclusively to promote her songs, and request donations for Amnesty International, raising more than $2,700 so far!

    Thank you, Canen, for singing your heart out for human rights. Your efforts empower Amnesty International to continue defending justice and freedom, and are an inspiration to others who wish to use their talents and energy to make a big difference in the world around you!

    Visit Canen’s page to check out her recordings and to support her campaign for human rights

    Have you got time or energy? 

    Climb a mountain, run a mile, host a tea party, write a mountain of letters ... come up with your own creative idea to raise money for human rights. Amnesty's fundraising webpage is a great tool to help you use your time and energy to raise money for human rights.