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Catch the Write for Rights Wave on Human Rights Day

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    Thursday, December 10, 2015 - 09:25

    10 Ways you can change a life on December 10

    On International Human Rights Day, a wave of human rights activism is spreading across the globe.  Get yourself inspired, and make your own ripples, to bring hope and justice to people whose rights need protecting today, on the anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


    1. See what it's all about in 60 seconds
    Watch “Write like someone’s life depends on it”, a one minute video narrated by television host George Stroumbouloupolous.
    Watch video


    2. Write a letter
    This is what it’s all about. People are writing letters in more than 80 countries, at big and small letter-writing marathons around the world. Write for Yecenia Armenta, who was raped and tortured in Mexico. Write for Albert Woodfox who has spent 40 years in solitary confinement in the US.
    Choose a letter

    3. Find an event in your community
    There more than 1500 event in Canada, including more than 100 public Write for Rights events from coast to coast today and into the weekend.

    Find an event near you

    4. Make your own waves with our e-petitions

    Every action featured in Write for Rights includes an electronic version that gets sent directly to someone in a position to stop a human rights violation, and includes buttons to help you share. 
    Sign and share our priority e-petitions

    5. Create a Write for Rights profile pic
    If you have your own Facebook page, this nifty little tool allows you to put a Write for Rights wrapper around your profile photo, letting your friends know that you’re supporting  Amnesty on International Human Rights Day. 
    Support human rights with your Facebook picture

    6.  Help #Write4rights “trend” on Human Rights Day
    Everyone in the world has an interest in the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They protect our rights, and they set the standard of human right protection that every human being deserves.  December 10th, International Human Rights Day exists to remind us of that.
    Be a social media mobilizer for human rights

    7. Join the Twitter party!
    Waves happen on Twitter, when stories “trend”. Help us displace scandals, cat photos and celebrity miscues with Write for Rights by joining our Twitter party between 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST
    Join the fun

    8. Follow the wave around the world
    You can watch our global action counter rise, as activists from around the world report in on their activity. Follow events in the USA, AustraliaFrance, the UK , our headquarters, and at our Amnesty colleagues at Amnities International Francophone.
    Watch our global counter rise on

    9. Know that your actions can create life-changing results
    We know your action today can save someone’s life, set them free from wrongful imprisonment, or bring justice where it has been denied. This is because we’ve seen the magic created when millions of voices speak out together. Just yesterday Leyla Yunus was released after intense campaigning by Amnesty supporters! 
    See successes 

    10. Help us “fight the bad guys” 365 days a year
    When the wave subsides, the work must go on. You can support Amnesty International’s respected, persistent and Nobel Peace prize winning human rights as a sustaining support or by making a special gift right now towards our Stop Torture campaign – any gifts made by December 31st will be doubled, thanks to a generous donor.
    Join Amnesty


    Follow and share Write for Rights news all day long on Facebook and Twitter

    P.S.  Last year we took action for Raif Badawi, and since then over a million people have signed Amnesty’s petition to have him released.  This year, we’re campaigning for Raif’s lawyer, Waleed Abu Al-Khair, who has now also been detained for criticizing the authorities in Saudi Arabia. But we will not give up on our campaign to free Raif until the sentencing of 1000 lashes is dropped and Raif is re-united with his wife Ensaf and their 3 young children who saught refuge in Sherbrooke, QC.  Campaign to Free Raif