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    Yolanda Oqueli: Guatemalan authorities fail to protect the rights of mining-affected communities



    VIDEO: Interview with Yolanda Oqueli - Guatemala Yolanda talks about the value of international solidarity for human rights defenders such as herself. 
    Written and Directed by Timo Schmidt.
    This short film explores the relationship between indigenous rights and mining operations around the world.
    VIDEO: A message of solidarity from AI Canada members to Yolanda Oqueli and members of the Northern Metropolitan Front (FRENAM). 


    1. Background: Mining and Indigenous Rights in Guatemala For more information about human rights defenders opposed to mining developments in Guatemala, read our backgrounder.
    2. Canadian Extractives As Development Slideshow Amnesty International Canada proudly presents Canadian Extractives as Development: Myth or Reality?, a new photo exhibit by documentary photographer James Rodriguez.
    3. Films we love: Gold Fever and Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth. Learn how you can screen these gorgeous documentaries in your community. 


      Fiona Koza and Tara Scurr
      Business and Human Rights Campaigners
      604-294-5160 x102

      Elizabeth Berton-Hunter
      Media Relations
      416-363-9933 x332


      Guatemala is home to some of the largest gold and silver mining operations in Mesoamerica. Yet the country's 1997 Mining Law, which provides the framework for the country's mining sector, does not adequately safeguard the human rights of people in communities where large-scale mines operate.

      Canadian-registered companies account for approximately 88 per cent of all mining operations in Guatemala and Canadian mining projects have increasingly come under international scrutiny because of rises in human rights harms associated with these projects.

      Since 2005, nearly one million Guatemalans have voted in community plebiscites on whether or not they support major industrial projects - such as mining or hydro-electric projects - in their communities. Overwhelmingly, they do not. However, activists opposed to large-scale mining development or community members simply wishing to have a voice in what development activities take place in their communities are being threatened, attacked, or even killed for standing up for their rights.

      Learn more about mining and Indigenous rights in Guatemala through our online Resources and Videos and take action for human rights in Guatemala.





      IN THE NEWS: BC-Registered Tahoe Resources (TAHO) was named in a lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on June 18, 2014. The civil suit alleges that Tahoe Resources is responsible for the shooting of seven men during a protest by mine security personnel in April, 2013.

      NEW DOCUMENTARY: One Year One World presents a new 11 minute documentary on the Tahoe Resources silver mine in Santa Rosa, Guatemala. 

      GET INVOLVED: Stage a reading of the Canadian play by Aluna Theatre: The Last Walk of Adolfo Ich. Angelica Choc, the widow of Adolfo Ich, has brought a civil claim against Ontario-based HudBay Minerals over her husband's death. 

      GET INVOLVED: Host an exhibit of photographs by acclaimed photo-journalist James Rodriguez. Explore the controversial question: Does resource extraction help or hinder communities