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How to Be a #Write4Rights Social Media Mobilizer

Posted in: Write for Rights
    Thursday, October 25, 2018 - 11:46

    Can writing letters actually change things? We know it can. That’s why we run the biggest human rights event in the world every year. 

    Write for Rights 2018 is fast approaching – and we’re excited to have you on board. If you haven't already, sign up at >> 

    Thank you for joining our growing community! We need your help to amp up the volume and get as many people to participate in Write for Rights as we can because more letters mean more power. Social media is a fantastic way to get your message out far and wide.

    Here are some ways you can take the lead online:

    Let your friends know and encourage them to sign up!

    Like and share the Write for Rights content we’ll be posting on the Amnesty Canada Facebook page and Twitter feed OR post your own message using #Write4Rights and #W4R2018. 

    We’re going to have some fresh new content including videos, photos, and infographics. We’ll also be featuring photos and content on our website from people like you!

    Click here for a bunch of graphics available for download! >> 

    We even have a special overlay for your profile picture to let people know that you Write for Rights. Add it now! >> 

    Sample Social Media Messages:

    I’m joining #Write4Rights because a letter can change a life. Are you? Join now at

    Click here to tweet

    Write a letter. Change a life. Join me for this year's #Write4Rights: 

    Click here to tweet

    You're invited to the #Write4Rights letter-writing party! 

    Click here to tweet

    You can also include your favourite Write for Rights video! Check out this one with some writers and storytellers in Toronto talking about the power of words. It features Najwa Zebian, Frizz Kid, Anasimone George, Farzana Doctor, Sahar Jafrani and more!


    Make your #Write4Rights Event a Social Media Party

    Social media is a key tool to promoting your Write for Rights event, but you can also use social media at your event to amp up the excitement!

    Take Photos 

    Set-up a solidarity photo booth or a selfie station with props to encourage people to post photos.

    Having a larger event? Consider creating a custom Snapchat filter to let your friends know that you're part of Write for Rights. We can help! Reach out at 

    Connect with Others 

    No matter what time your event is at post a message Twitter, Instagram, or the Facebook Event page. Amnesty activists are taking part during every hour of the day through every time zone around the globe. We'll be retweeting and sharing your posts on our Write for Rights solidarity page (you must use the hashtag #Write4Rights or #W4R2018 for it to appear) to capture the wave of activity as events happen across the world. Bring events happening around the world to your event by projecting our Write for Rights solidarity page on a wall or screen. 


    Thank you for joining #Write4Rights! Keep tabs on our social media channels for exciting contests, interviews, stories, and videos!