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Meet Gordon Barnes: AI Canada Fieldworker

Posted in: Members Take Action
    Wednesday, July 8, 2015 - 16:03

    Gord Barnes is a volunteer fieldworker who lives in Regina.  As f ieldworker, Gord connects with many people throughout Saskatchewan to promote Amnesty's human rights work.

    I have met people who have had family members executed. Other people who have been prisoners of conscience, jailed solely for their political or religious beliefs who have eventually been released.  I have met First Nations people who live here in Regina who have gone through the terrible experience of having a mother, daughter or sister murdered or who is missing.

    Fundamentally, I feel all human rights are universal, that the rights that are guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all need to be enjoyed by everyone, I was involved with Amnesty International for a few years, writing  letters and active locally here in Regina, and then (many years ago) I was encouraged by one of the AI Canada staff to consider applying tobecome involved in the volunteer Fieldworker program.  I wasn’t sure I had the right experience and skills but I discovered this was a great way to learn more about human rights and about effective activism – I am grateful for being encouraged to do this.

    As a AI Canada volunteer Fieldworker I have supported other human rights activists with their work, spoken at elementary, high school and university classes, as well as other community and faith groups, facilitated regional meetings and worked with other activists in Saskatchewan to build a strong social media platform for our work.

    We need people with a wide range of skills, experience and interests to build a strong community of human rights activists in Saskatchewan and in the rest of Canada.   I would say to people who are thinking about volunteering – thank  you!!!   You will be welcomed as you become involved with other people  who are passionate about human rights.

    Gord Barnes
    Fieldworker, Amnesty Canada
    Regina, SK
    We need U to help stop torture!




    Gord wants U to stop torture!







    For more information on the Fieldworker program please email:  Lily (Activism Coordinator: Community Groups and Fieldworker Program) or visit