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Social Media for #Write4Rights

Posted in: Write for Rights
    Friday, December 4, 2015 - 11:54

    Did You Know That Your Social Media Has the Power to End Human Rights Abuses?  

    These days, many government bodies and heads of states have Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. Some of these state authorities are the same once who have the power to end the human rights abuses at hand in this year’s Write for Rights cases.

    Amnesty International is asking activists from all around the world to use their social media channels for human rights. Below you’ll find sample social media posts that you can use to #Write4Rights:



    Albert Woodfox


    • Albert Woodfox has spent over 40 years in solitary confinement- 23 hours a day alone in a small cell even though no physical evidence links him to the crime the state says he committed 43 years ago. Demand his release NOW:


    Please include the Louisiana Attorney General’s Twitter handle @LouisianaAGO and the hashtags #FreeAlbertWoodfox and #AlbertWoodfox in all your tweets.

    • Decades of injustice and cruelty. @LouisanaAGO must release #AlbertWoodfox! #StopTorture #Write4Rights
    • .@LouisianaAGO must end the cruelty. Freedom for #AlbertWoodfox after decades in solitary confinement! #FreeAlbertWoodfox #Write4Rights
    • Inhumane, cruel & definitely unusual. End decades of isolation. Its time 4 @LouisianaAGO 2 #FreeAlbertWoodfox #W4R

    Waleed Abu al-Khair


    • Waleed Abu al-Khair is a lawyer currently serving a 15-year prison sentence for his peaceful activism in Saudi Arabia. Tell King Salman defending human rights is NOT a crime: #Write4Rights


    Please include King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud‘s Twitter handle @KingSalman and Waleed’s official twitter account @WaleedAbulkhair.

    • 15 years in prison for defending human rights in #SaudiArabia. @KingSalman must free @WaleedAbulkhair! #Write4Rights

    Canada: Open for Justice


    • Many people around the world have been forced from their homes and off their land so that Canadian companies can extract oil, gold and other minerals. People have reported threats, injuries, rapes and even deaths for protesting against Canadian mining companies near their communities.

    When it comes to Canadian mining, oil and gas companies operating overseas, there is nowhere to go to seek justice: not in one’s own country, not in international arenas, and not in Canada.

    Tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that Canada needs to be Open for Justice – through the creation of an extractive sector ombudsperson, and by ensuring access to Canadian courts for people who have been harmed by Canadian companies abroad:


    Tag Prime Minister Justin Trudeau //  @JustinTrudeaun and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Stéphane Dion // @HonStephaneDion.

    • .@JustinTrudeau @HonStephaneDion ensure #Canada is #Open4Justice & not just open 4 business!  #Write4Rights #W4R
    • Hey @JustinTrudeau @HonStephaneDion, #Canada needs extractive sector ombudsperson NOW! #Open4Justice #Write4Rights
    • 2 many people have been harmed by #Canadian companies abroad & still seek justice.@JustinTrudeau #Canada needs to be #OpenforJustice #W4R
    • #Syrian Refugess arrive2 #Canada! Will you #Write4Rights to ensure all refugees are welcome?

    Phyoe Phyoe Aung


    • Phyoe Phyoe is the leader of one of the largest student unions in Myanmar but has been in prison since March 2015 for taking part in a student protest against a new law. Tell Myanmar’s President Thein Sein to release her NOW:
    • Taking part in a student protest should NOT result in violent arrest and imprisonment. Help Phyoe Phyoe, a student in Myanmar by telling the president to free her immediately:

    In the past, we have seen the bombarding of the Myanmar President’s Facebook page work successfully. Use the following link to bombard in the same way during #Write4Rights: You can do so by commenting on the most recent Facebook post, as he is quite active on the channel and posts frequently. Using Phyoe Phyoe’s graphic as an attachment, we suggest using the above messaging alongside it to create the most impact on the page


    • Peaceful student protesters must not be prosecuted. Help free Phyoe Phyoe in #Myanmar NOW: #W4R #Write4Rights
    • Act now for Phyoe Phyoe Aung & 70+ imprisoned student activists in Myanmar: #write4rights #w4r 

    Site C

    Tag Premier of British Columbia Christy Clark // @christyclarkbc and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau // @JustinTrudeau


    The Site C Dam in north-eastern British Columbia will have a severe impact on the First Nations and Métis families and communities who depend on the unique ecosystem of the Peace River Valley. Urge BC Premier Christy Clark to halt the construction of the Site C dam and to respect the rights of Indigenous peoples:


    Zulkiflee Anwar “Zunar” Ulhaque


    Zunar, a political cartoonist in Malaysia, faces a long prison sentence for criticizing the government on Twitter. Tell the Malaysian Prime Minister that tweeting is NOT a crime: #Write4Rights #W4R


    Tag Prime Minister Najib Razak in your tweets // @NajibRazak

    Instagram: Zunar has told us that he would rather receive cartoons, drawings or doodles than traditional messages. Draw an image or cartoon to show support and solidarity for Zunar!

    • Take a photo of your creation and upload it to Instagram with the tags #Zunar, #Write4Rights, and #W4R. If you wish, you can add your age and country as a caption and a message to Zunar.

    Canada: Welcome Refugees


    With no immediate end in sight to the crisis in Syria, the government must also develop longer term plans for substantial resettlement efforts in the coming years, and ensure that this does not come at the expense of refugees from other parts of the world. Urge the Canadian government to ensure that resettlement is done successfully, sustainably and on a non-discriminatory basis: #Write4Rights


    Tag the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, John McCallum// @JohnMcCallumLPC and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau// @JustinTrudeau

    • .@JohnMcCallumLPC @JustinTrudeau #Refugee resettlement needs to be sustainable & non-discriminatory #Write4Rights
    • .@JohnMcCallumLPC @JustinTrudeau #Canada needs resources & longterm plan for successful #refugee resettlement #W4R
    • .@JohnMcCallumLPC @JustinTrudeau #Canada should provide safety to More #Refugees, #MoreFairness to Refugees & More Welcoming communities#W4R
    • .@JohnMcCallumLPC @JustinTrudeau please ensure #refugee claimants in #Canada are not treated differently bc of the country theyre from #W4R

    Girls Forced into Marriage in Burkina Faso


    • Imagine being 11 years old and forced to marry a man aged 72. This is a reality for girls in Burkina Faso, but we CAN help stop this and change their lives. Learn more at and take action:


    • 1/3 girls in #BurkinaFaso is married off before age 18. Help stop early & forced marriages NOW: #W4R #MyBodyMyRights
    • Girls in #BurkinaFaso should be able to choose if& when they want to marry; support them! #W4R #MyBodyMyRights
    • Imagine being forced to marry at 11 with no say in your future.This is real in #BurkinaFaso &MUST end: #Write4Rights

    Yecenia Armenta


    • Yecenia was blindfolded, hung upside down and brutally raped. Police officers tortured her for almost 15 hours, and even threatened to bring in her children to rape and kill them. She has now spent almost 3 years in prison while her torturers are free. Demand justice for Yecenia NOW. Learn more at, and take action at
    • Yecenia was beaten, raped and forced to sign a ‘confession’ by police in Mexico. She’s spent 3 years in prison while her torturers remain free. Write a letter urge the Mexican authorities to drop her charges and release her NOW. Learn more at, and take action at   


    • Yecenia was tortured by police in #Mexico & jailed for 3 years. Insist on her release NOW #StopTorture #Write4Rights
    • Police in #Mexico tortured Yecenia for hours. They must NOT get away with this: #Write4Rights #StopTorture #W4R



    • Costas and his refugee partner were badly beaten by thugs in a homophobic and racist attack in Athens last year. There are no suspects; no one has been punished. Greece has the power to change this. Learn more at and take action:  #Write4Rights #LGBTI


    • Costas & partner beaten in homophobic, racist attack in Athens, 2014. Demand justice NOW: #W4R #LGBTI #Write4Rights