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What Amnesty Wants In An Effective Arms Trade Treaty: 6 key points

    September 11, 2017

    · Diplomats meet in Geneva to discuss landmark Arms Trade Treaty

    · Several countries may be breaking treaty obligations with reckless deals

    · UK, France and Italy among states supplying abusive governments

    More than four years after the United Nations (UN) voted to adopt a landmark treaty to regulate the international arms trade, major arms exporters including the UK and France are effectively ignoring their treaty obligations by continuing to supply arms even where there is a real risk they could contribute to serious human rights violations, Amnesty International said today.

    Diplomats will meet in Geneva today for the start of the third Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The ATT sets out prohibitions to stop the international transfer of arms when it is known they would be used for war crimes, or where there is an overriding risk that they could be used to commit or facilitate serious human rights violations.

    August 21, 2016
             States Parties still engaging in unscrupulous arms transfers, putting lives and human rights at risk          More than a quarter of States Parties are yet to meet the treaty’s reporting obligations          Some States Parties opting to reject public scrutiny of their arms transfers

    States must ensure the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) lives up to its promise to save lives and protect human rights from the devastating effects of the international arms trade by taking concrete, transparent steps towards more effective implementation, Amnesty International said today.

    The ATT’s second Conference of States Parties (CSP) takes place in Geneva from 22-26 August, and will be attended by hundreds of delegates from more than 100 countries. It is a key moment for States Parties to hold each other to account for the treaty’s implementation and to discuss ways of strengthening it.

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