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Amnesty Canvassers

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

    With each passing day of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to protect human rights is becoming more obvious, and more challenging. This crisis is heightening existing inequalities and injustices, and government responses – or lack thereof – are impacting the human rights of millions of people. Amnesty International’s work for human rights for all people has always been important and is now more urgent than ever during the current pandemic.

    That’s why on July 7th 2020, Amnesty International restarted street canvassing in public spaces in Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria and Ottawa with our valued partner GiveBridge. We are committed to donor and fundraiser safety, while conducting essential fundraising activities during these unprecedented times. You can read more about GiveBridge and their COVID-19 health and safety guidelines below. 

    You may have received a telephone call from one of our dedicated partners listed below and here. Should have any questions about a phone call you received from an Amnesty representative, please call Amnesty’s Supporter Services Team at 1(800) AMNESTY (1-800-266-3789) or

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    Our canvassers are courteous and well-trained people who share our concern for human rights. While Amnesty volunteers also participate in outreach and fundraising work, owing to the sensitive financial information exchanged when you choose to become a sustained supporter of Amnesty International, we often employ professional companies to assist us with this work. What's important for you to know is that:

    • Official Amnesty canvassers wear a badge
    • Official Amnesty canvassers do not accept cash donations


    GiveBridge is a pioneer in the face-to-face fundraising industry and a reputable fundraising organization. GiveBridge fundraises for the most well-known and loved charities in North America and is a member of the Professional Face-to-Face Fundraising Association. 

    Read more about GiveBridge

    GiveBridge has adapted their donor acquisition procedures based on international face to face fundraising best practices and local health authority recommendations, including Health Canada. Under the “new normal”, donors can sign up with highly trained fundraisers while remaining safe during one-on-one interactions outdoors. The entire interaction is touchless and is conducted from the recommended physical distance, with zero touchpoints required or permitted. All fundraisers are equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and face masks. They follow strict hand washing, sanitization and personal protective equipment (PPE) protocols while fundraising and are diligently trained on safety protocols.

    Fundraisers are stationed in groups of no greater than one or two at a table in a public space, allowing people to approach if interested to learn more about Amnesty’s life-saving human rights work. Fundraisers will ask for support of Amnesty International Canada’s human rights work with a long-term monthly gift. Monthly gifts will only be accepted by bank or credit card through the fundraiser’s iPad application. They will then conduct a live validation call immediately upon sign up. 

    All fundraisers wear photo ID badges and they do not accept cash donations. Rather, they will ask members of the community to consider making a direct and ongoing donation through monthly credit card or bank payments to Amnesty. This is a convenient and cost-effective way of supporting the vital work of Amnesty International.    

    Amnesty International fundraisers can be easily identified and wear an Amnesty branded lanyard, photo ID badge and branded vest or t-shirt. They will also be carrying information on Amnesty International’s lifesaving human rights work. 

    GiveBridge canvassers

    COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

    • Fundraisers will maintain a safe distance of at least six feet during every interaction with the public
    • Fundraisers will wear PPE including disposable masks
    • Fundraisers will carry and use hand sanitizer after every interaction and will practice increased hand washing and have access to other disinfectant supplies to use regularly
    • All interactions will be contactless with no materials exchanged. Fundraisers will enter all donor and payment details into the tablet and verification will occur via telephone
    • All fundraisers will complete and pass wellness checks before every working shift

    If you would like to confirm the identity of a fundraiser, please call the GiveBridge helpline at 1-855-654-4438. To send GiveBridge a message, please email

    If you have any questions or feedback about GiveBridge that are not answered here, please call Amnesty International at 1-800-AMNESTY (1-800-266-3789) or email us at

    The fight for human rights never stops, even during a pandemic. Our regular work continues, but we’re now also facing unprecedented new and increased threats to human rights related to COVID-19. We’re so incredibly thankful for our monthly donors, who never give up on those who are facing threats to their human rights. If you met one of our fundraisers and are interested in joining the monthly giving program, please visit us here. Thank you! 

    Public Outreach









    Public Outreach is a Canadian based International company that recruits new monthly donors for charitable and non-profit organizations through a combination of street and door canvassing. Public Outreach signs up new Amnesty members door to door, and also using "direct dialogue" -- a street canvassing technique where they speak to interested members of the public in a pedestrian high traffic area. Public Outreach’s mission is: “High quality, respectful donor interaction specializing in face-to-face and telephone fundraising with a strong focus on monthly giving.”

    Read more about Public Outreach

    Amnesty International has been working with Public Outreach since 2002.

    During the time Amnesty has worked with Public Outreach, they have signed up over 10,000 monthly donors to our human rights work. Their recruitment work signing up new monthly donors is the fastest growing source of new funding for Amnesty International in Canada. Donors recruited by Public Outreach have donated more than $5 Million to Amnesty International in the last few years.

    Public Outreach street canvassers are paid an hourly wage. Canvassers do not receive any commission.
    Each Public Outreach canvasser is required to carry with them an identification badge, including photo identification. They will also be carrying information on Amnesty International’s lifesaving human rights work, and wearing an Amnesty vest. Canvassers do not accept cash donations. 

    Did you receive a call from Public Outreach?

    Public Outreach may have called you to follow up on a face-to-face conversation you had with a canvasser, to verify the details of your gift, or you may have received a call as a result of taking action on one of our many campaigns for Individuals at Risk. Their team of highly-trained professionals are passionate about human rights and are happy to answer your questions about Amnesty's work. If you have any questions, you can reach Public Outreach toll-free at 1-888-326-5535.

    To send Public Outreach a message please email:

    ***If you have any questions about Public Outreach that are not answered here, please call Amnesty International at 1-800-AMNESTY (1-800-266-3789) or email us at ***

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