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Telephone Canvassing

    Did you receive a telephone call from Amnesty? 

    Amnesty has a dedicated team of callers that help us to carry out telemarketing activities. 

    Keys 360° Marketing

    Keys 360° Marketing is a full service direct marketing agency with a great team of full and part time people dedicated to helping Amnesty International raise money for its human rights work. Their telephone team helps to strengthen Amnesty International’s relationship with donors via a variety of calling campaigns.

    The Amnesty Team at Keys360 Marketing.


    If you received a call from us you may have been a part of a recent project listed below:

    Calls to our long-time donors, offering easier, more cost-effective ways of giving, calls to reactivate your much needed monthly gifts, or calls to increase your regular giving amount

    How do I know the call I received is legitimate?

    Callers will identify themselves as Amnesty representatives working for Keys 360° Marketing. They are the fundraisers selected by Amnesty International to help us with our campaigns. Amnesty International brings these callers on board to reach as many of our supporters as possible. 

    The caller would be happy to give you the toll free number to Amnesty’s office (1-800-AMNESTY) if you wish to confirm who they are.

    Learn more about Keys 360° Marketing

    Public Outreach

    Public Outreach may have called you to follow up on a face-to-face conversation you had with a canvasser, to verify the details of your gift, or you may have received a call as a result of taking action on one of our many campaigns for Individuals at Risk. Their team of highly-trained professionals are passionate about human rights and are happy to answer your questions about Amnesty's work.

    If you have any questions, you can reach Public Outreach toll-free at 1-888-326-5535, or contact Amnesty at or 1-800-266-3789.

    Learn more about Public Outreach.

    Monthly Giving Recovery Team

    If your payment information for your monthly donation becomes outdated or incorrect, our dedicated recovery team will contact you to update your account. The team is from Fineline Solutions in Winnipeg, Manitoba and they would be pleased to also help you with any questions or inquiries you may have about your gift.

    ***If you have any questions about the call you received that are not answered here, please call Amnesty International at 1-800-AMNESTY (1-800-266-3789) or email us at ***