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A Gift of Life Insurance

    “I shall continue to be a voice for non-violence, peace, democracy and reconciliation. Thanks, Amnesty International!”
    - Eskinder Nega, Ethiopian journalist, upon being released after seven long years in prison for criticizing the government.

    Giving back with life insurance 

    You take injustice personally, and you believe everyone has the right to be treated equally and with dignity. You also believe in human rights for all, forever, and you wish to protect and promote human rights for generations to come.

    You can be an enduring voice for freedom and justice by making a gift of life insurance to Amnesty International.

    Depending on how you structure your gift, you can realize significant tax advantages during your lifetime— or benefit your estate. Remember, your life insurance needs can change. Once your children become self-sufficient, your life insurance coverage may no longer be needed for the purpose it was originally purchased.

    Life insurance does not diminish your estate, because the death benefit is paid by the insurance company.

    Gifts of life insurance can be made in three ways:

    1. Change an existing life insurance policy

      If you no longer need to provide financial security for your heirs, you can change the name of the beneficiary to Amnesty International. We cannot offer an immediate tax receipt to you. However, after death, your estate will get a charitable donation receipt for the proceeds of the policy. This can offset income tax payable on your estate’s final tax return. In addition, your thoughtful gift will not be subject to probate taxes.

    2. Transfer ownership of an existing policy

      If you’d like to receive immediate tax savings on the donation of an existing policy, you can transfer ownership to Amnesty International, making Amnesty the beneficiary. A portion of your policy’s value will be taxable as income, but you will receive a receipt to help offset taxes payable. If premiums are still owing, you will receive a charitable tax receipt for every premium you continue to pay on that policy.

    3. Purchase a new life insurance policy 
      You can purchase a new life insurance policy to support Amnesty International. By designating Amnesty International as owner and beneficiary of the new policy, you will receive an income tax receipt for your annual premium payments. If you name Amnesty International as beneficiary only, you will not receive an income tax receipt for your annual premium payments but your estate will receive a tax receipt for the face value of your policy.

    Always seek professional advice
    Amnesty International will provide information and assistance to you on this and other ways you can support our work. However, we strongly encourage you to seek independent advice when making charitable gifts of annuities, securities, property, life insurance, wills, trusts, contracts and other legal agreements.