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Why we are remembering Amnesty in our wills

    Amnesty International’s response to the global COVID-19 crisis embodies my vision of the world I want to leave behind for future generations  

    I am a healthy 70 year-old, and as I connect with family and friends, we remind ourselves that in the midst of this crisis, we are so privileged. We are white, middle class, and we live in a wealthy country. I can face-time with my 3 year-old grandson. It is from this place of privilege that I support Amnesty International.

    Amnesty offers us a path forward in uncertain times. I am so proud of our work in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We are highlighting instances of racism and discrimination and calling for the protection of marginalized communities, including refugees. Our ongoing work on climate change and supporting environmental defenders here in Canada and around the globe, remains critical.

    I believe that Amnesty International has risen to the occasion. As both a monthly donor and someone who has left a gift to Amnesty in my will, I urge you all to do what you can to support human rights. Together, we can ensure that Amnesty will always be there for humanity, no matter what future challenges may come our way.

    Lee Seymour Lee Seymour, Amnesty International Board Member and legacy donor


    “There is something very satisfying about being in a position to make a final statement that has real meaning for me.”

    - Michael Wilkshire (Active member of Amnesty International since 1981.)

    “I recognize how effective Amnesty’s work is, and want it to continue. I can think of no better way of ensuring justice and dignity for future generations.”

    - Margaret John (Amnesty International member since 1975)

    “I’m leaving a gift in my will to Amnesty International so the children of the world will know freedom and dignity.”

    - Simon Trevelyan (with Amnesty International since 1990)

    “I have confidence that AI will be a financially responsible and effective human rights organization long into the future--and because this way my commitment to human rights can be more than life-long.”

    - Nancy Kingsbury  (Amnesty International member for more than 20 years.)  

    “By including Amnesty in our wills, we get to continue our commitment to AI’s important work on human rights and help to secure its legacy.”

    - Bill Gilsdorf  (Amnesty International member since the eighties.)