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    International Projects

    Our work in Canada would not be possible without work undertaken at the international level.  Amnesty Canada supports many international projects in addition to the work undertaken in Canada.  Below you will find descriptions of the projects being funded in whole, or in part, by donations made to Amnesty Canada in 2018.

    There is a lack of transparency and accountability of corporate networks, supply chains and global trade when it comes to illicit activity and serious human rights abuses.
    We are working for greater accountability in global networks and supply chains.. Without laws being in place, companies will not carry due diligence in their supply chains nor will they be sufficiently transparent about their policies and practices. 
    An image showing a woman holding up a stop torture sign
    Corporate Crimes (Myanmar, Indonesia and Nigeria)

    The project aims to secure emblematic investigations and/or prosecutions of multinational companies for corporate crimes, and to increase the willingness of investigators and prosecutors to pursue corporate crimes by companies operating in multiple jurisdictions.

    DRC: Protecting Civic Space in times of elections

    We will work to build a strong solidarity movement and action network across the continent to hold governments in the region to account. Amnesty will be able to reinforce the work of national human rights organizations, since we are less vulnerable to threats and de-legitimization by government. 

    Global Campaign: Refugees

    We are currently in the midst of an unprecedented refugee and internally displaced person (IDP) crisis. The number of people forced to flee their homes across the world has reached nearly 60 million for the first time since the Second World War with 4.8 million refugees just from the Syrian conflict alone. 

    Mexico: Grave HRV and State Accountability

    Disappearances and torture are generalized in Mexico, yet there is no clear consistent data on the scale of the problem. The Mexican government acknowledges more than 27,000 missing people, without specifying potential cases of enforced disappearances. 

    Gender Equality for all people 

    We believe in a world where people of all genders have their rights respected, protected, and upheld. Our movement will continue to use our expertise to advocate justice, freedom, and equality for all people.