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Tips for Raising Money

    General tips on holding a successful event.

    Tell us about your event

    Once you choose how you’d like to raise money for Amnesty, make sure you tell us about your event by submitting the application form to or by faxing it to 613-746-2411.

    Keep it Fun & Simple

    Remember: you need to make sure that both you and your participants enjoy the event, so keep it simple and make sure that you add an element of fun, whether it’s special decoration, a tote bag for each guest, or a special theme.

    Team support - share the load

    Turn to friends to help share ideas and workload. Brainstorming at the beginning may give you some new ideas and help give a unique twist to your event. Make sure that you break down the work amongst your team and delegate so that you are not overstretched. Again, sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that work the best. Your goal is to work towards your ambitious fundraising goal and aim to beat it!

    Plan for the ‘what ifs?’

    If you are planning to hold an event outdoors, or if you are relying on a local celebrity as a guest of honour, make sure you think of a few possible alternatives if it starts raining or if your celebrity doesn’t show up. This is key to successful event planning!

    Timing is Everything!

    Check your community calendar to make sure there are no important community events and fundraisers on the day that you are planning your event. You might want to check with other community or regional non-profit organizations. Try to pick the date that will bring in optimal attendance.

    Watch the dollars

    Keep your costs down by getting items donated. Many grocery stores or restaurants will donate food or other items to your event. Contact us for a letter confirming your participation in a fundraiser for Amnesty at 1-800-AMNESTY (1-800-266-3789) or at Very often events do not raise money as a result of overspending.

    Taking Stock

    If your event is a large one, make sure you assign a reliable volunteer to collect all the money and send it back to Amnesty International within 30 days of the event taking place. Remember that for any donors who require tax receipts for donations of $10 or more, you need to submit their full donation amount with their complete name and address.

    A warm ‘thank you’ goes a long way!

    Always remember to thank your guests or anyone who has donated towards your fundraising efforts for Amnesty International.