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Amnesty International Book Club

    Join the Amnesty International Book Club

    A Book Club with a Twist!

    Book clubs are popular because readers like to share their thoughts about the books they’ve read, and discuss the ideas or themes with other people.

    What makes Amnesty International’s Book Club so special is that after you have read the book, you have the opportunity to take action to help other people in the same kind of situation you’ve just read about in the book.

    AND, your reading will be informed by an insightful discussion guide, specially-prepared for Amnesty Book club members.

    Awareness and Action – a unique combination only Amnesty International’s Book Club can offer.

    It’s free to join and every month you will receive:

    • The current month’s book recommendation
    • A discussion guide including background information and discussion questions
    • An action case on a current human rights issue
    • And notification of next month’s book.

    Author Nino Ricci introduces the Amnesty International Book Club

    “Many writers have noted the important contribution that literature, and indeed all the arts, can make in fostering respect for human rights, by expanding our humanity and broadening our sympathy for the plights of others.”

    – Nino Ricci

    When you join the Amnesty International Book Club, you will receive a discussion guide including discussion questions, as well as background information on the issue or country featured in the book. Our guest readers and chosen authors will help shape these discussion guides, whenever possible. You will also receive a current human rights case,that we hope you will take action on. 

    Join today, and be a part of a very special book club!



    This Month's Book

    The Amnesty International Book Club selection for April 2014 is The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway, as recommended by author Yann Martel.

    Learn more 

    January/February's Book Club selection was Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden, as recommended by author Nino Ricci.

    February/March's Book Club selection is Half-Blood Blues by Esi Edogyan, as recommended by author Emma Donoghue.