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    GA 2019 Delegate Nominations received

    Each candidate has provided a personal statement and a video statement.

    The personal statement provides candidates with the opportunity to summarize their skills, experience, characteristics and strengths that they would bring to the Global Assembly. Candidates have been limited to 250 words.

    The video statement for each candidate can be viewed by clicking the link below the Candidate's name as follow:

    Candidate 1: Salahuddin Rafiquddin

    Candidate's Video Statement

    Candidate's Personal Statement: " After being a Fieldworker for 8 years, I think I have the qualities needed to represent our branch at the Global Assembly. As a fieldworker, I’ve done media interviews, speaking engagements, workshops and other events to share Amnesty’s vision of a more just, fair, and equitable world. Communicating clearly and persuasively are some of my most significant strengths. Professionally, I’m an articling student – soon to be lawyer – who worked at Global Affairs Canada in the Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusion where I was one of the leads on domestic and international human rights issues that intersect with technology. Throughout my time there I learned what it takes to have human rights goals resonate with the Canadian government, and others like it. This strategic view of how governments address human rights issues gives me a unique insight into how to affect meaningful and lasting change. At the Global Assembly, given the opportunity, I’d like to push for the global movement to do more in addressing the unfulfilled rights of indigenous people around the world, the increasing need for businesses to adhere to human rights standards in their activities, and for our organization to more forcefully join the many voices passionately advocating for a stop to climate change."


    Candidate 2:  Renee Saviour

    Candidate's Video Statement

    Candidate's Personal Statement: " I am a long-time grassroots activist and teacher from Toronto. Several years ago, I chaired a local community group and more recently, over the past few years, I have been an active member of the Iran Action Circle and the Toronto film team. In 2010 I was elected to the national Board of Directors. I was fortunate to be re-elected two more times and serve for a full six years. One year after I left, I co-facilitated an Anti-Oppression workshop for the Board. While on the Board, a large part of our time was spent on discussing governance issues at the international level. It was a great learning experience for me, and my interest in those issues has never waned. I have been fortunate enough to visit a number of section offices and meet with a variety of international Amnesty leaders. I represented our section at AIUSA's AGM in March, 2009, and again that year at their June Board meeting. I have seen, first hand, the variety of ways that different sections operate throughout the world. I can empathize with their challenges, while also being attuned to the challenges that our own section faces. I KNOW what is involved in preparing for a Global Assembly. I know that it entails a fair amount of study and critical analysis. I know that being a delegate requires a large amount of energy, strong communication skills and the ability to function with little sleep. I believe that I am capable to deliver all of the above, and I hope that voters agree with me ".