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    Our definition of membership has changed. Only members are eligible to run for election, nominate candidates and vote. To learn more about Amnesty membership and how to update your status to allow for participation in governance activities, go to

    The Global Assembly (GA), formerly International Council Meeting (ICM), is our movement’s highest decision-making body and is made up of representatives from the membership entities. The President attends the GA as the Standing Representative along with the Secretary General, or Executive Director, as the second delegate. The third delegate to the GA is elected by the members in accordance with our current Standing Orders and By-Laws.

    We are seeking nominations for one delegate to the 2019 Global Assembly. This is a volunteer position and the delegate is expected to commit time for meetings and preparations for attending the GA.

    As the GA is now an annual event, and we are committed to this being an elected position, it is necessary to call an election early so that the delegate elected is able to participate fully and be prepared for the GA in 2019. Timelines and activities are outlined below:

    • The 2019 GA will be held the first two weeks of August 2019 (exact dates have not been released)
    • The meeting will run for 3 days and requires the delegate to travel. Recent ICM/GA meetings have been held in Dublin, Rome and Poland.
    • Advance preparation by all members of the delegation can include conference calls and a face-to-face meeting in Ottawa at the AICSES National Office.
    • Preparation will begin in January 2019

    Branch members are invited to submit nominations for delegates to the 2019 Global Assembly. To be eligible for selection as a GA delegate, the individual must meet all of the following requirements:

    1. By the time of the forthcoming GA, a candidate must have been an active Amnesty member, in good standing, for not less than four years.
    2. Candidates must expressly affirm, prior to voting (a) their willingness to serve as a delegate and (b) their eligibility, in terms of the requirements outlined above.
    3. Candidates must have demonstrated a familiarity with Amnesty policies, practices and procedures and have fulfilled a leadership role within the Branch for a minimum of two years in one of the following capacities:
      • Member of the Board;
      • Theme, network, country or RAN coordinator;
      • Coordinator of any other major Branch activity;
      • Permanent employee of the Branch;
      • Leadership in youth structure;
      • Fieldworker;
      • Executive member of an Area Support Team;
      • Chair or coordinator of a regional or national working group or committee;
      • Group Chair; or
      • Engagement in relevant human rights issues at the international level.

    In addition to completing this online form, candidates must have a nominator willing to be contacted by phone or email to confirm their support.

    If you would like your name to appear on the online ballot, this application form and the nominator's declaration must be received by 4:00pm EST on Nov 23, 2018.

    In order to have your candidate statement and video appear on the Amnesty Canada website you must submit your application AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Candidate profiles will be posted starting November 12, 2018.


    For more information please contact the Nominations Committee at  

    Staff Contact: Thomas Ndayiragije  


    *We have moved from paper to online forms, but if you do not have internet access, you can send your form by mail or fax: Mail: GA Nominations Committee, Amnesty International, 312 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, ON K1N 1H9 Fax: 613-746-2411 Attention: Thomas Ndayiragije