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Presentation: Human Rights Under Attack

    Thursday, October 6, 2016 - 18:45

    Presentation: Human Rights Under Attack

    AI Group 17 presents Human Rights Under Attack: The Cases of Myanmar and Thailand, Dr. Pavin Chachavalpongpun, Associate Professor, Center for Southeast Asians Studies, Kyoto University, Japan.


    Myanmar had been condemned not only for its long-endured military rule but also its notorious human rights abuses record. Ranging from the state’s use of violence against certain ethnic minorities to the continued brutal attacks against the Rohinya Muslims, Myanmar’s human security situation has been in a deep crisis. The discourse of “security” has long been dominated and manipulated by the state. What is considered supreme in the realm of security has been that of the nation, or more importantly, the state.

    Similarly in the case of Thailand, the Thai state continues to draw the image of enemies as a threat to the nation. In so doing, human rights have been compromised for the sake of national security. The coup of 2014 that deposed the elected government has led to massive violations of human rights, not just against politicians or political activists, but also academics like myself. The media has been censored. A space of freedom of expression has been narrowed. All these were done in the name of national security, even when in reality they were used to protect the illegitimate military regime.

    This talk will discuss the cases of Myanmar and Thailand, taking from the speaker’s own experience as a scholar studying the politics of the two countries and as a political refugee living in exile in Japan following the coup of 2014


    Pavin Chachavalpongpun is associate professor at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University. Earning his PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies, Pavin is the author of two books: “A Plastic Nation: The Curse of Thainess in Thai-Burmese Relations” and “Reinventing Thailand: Thaksin and His Foreign Policy”. He is also a chef editor of the online journal Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia.


    Sunset Community Centre
    6810 Main Street Multipurpose Room
    V5X 0A1 Vancouver, British Columbia