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Yoga Day

    Take a deep breath for human rights

    Join Yoga Day for Human Rights on April 26, 2014

    On April 26, 2014, yoga studios, schools, workplaces, and community centres nationwide will roll out yoga mats for one common purpose: to raise money and awareness for Amnesty International’s work to protect and promote human rights.

    Join us for Amnesty International’s Yoga Day for Human Rights, and help raise money and awareness to build a more just and free world.


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    Here’s how to start:

    1. Set your schedule: Dedicate one hour or a whole series of yoga classes to benefit Amnesty International’s human rights work. The duration of your event is up to you.
    2. Set your goal: decide how many people you’d like to attract to the event, and how much you plan to raise overall. You can even encourage your participants to raise money using our online tool.
    3. Promote your event and encourage participants to spread the word and find sponsors.
    4. Provide sponsorship forms and postcard actions, and have all participants sign the disclaimer form.
    5. Mail in proceeds and sponsorship forms back to Amnesty International.

    Questions?  Contact Hala AL-Madi at or 1-800-266-3789.


    This is Laísa Santos Sampaio. A mother of 8 and school teacher, she is also a member of a women’s artisanal project which produces cosmetics, ointments and nuts. They work to promote sustainable development, and as such, are opposed to illegal logging, which has become commonplace.

    As a result, Laísa and others are facing threats to their lives.

    In fact, in 2011, Laísa’s sister and brother-in-law were shot dead as a result of their campaigning against illegal logging in the region. Laísa has been the target of several death threats and attacks.

    Laísa is not alone. Her story is symbolic of a broader problem of activists threatened across the region, particularly for their environmental campaigning.

    We must support them by urging the Governor of Para State to fulfil his obligations to implement the protection program for human rights defenders in the state, to investigate all the threats the Laísa has received and to ensure the safety in the region where she used to live and to where she wants to return.

    Take action now for Laisa


    2014 Yoga Day Kit and other materials:


    In 2013, all our Yoga Day participants signed and mailed postcard actions calling for the release of Iranian human rights lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh from prison. We are very pleased to announce that she was, in fact, released in September 2013. Thank you all for being a part of this inspiring action to bring Nasrin home to her family!

    [Photo by Kim Curlett, at All Yoga, Nova Scotia]