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Raise Money for Human Rights

    Together we can ensure that Amnesty International has the resources it needs to respond and prevent human rights abuses well into the future

    Want to get involved but don’t know how? How about fundraising for Amnesty International! By coupling your creativity with your passion for human rights, you can get involved in raising money for vital work happening all around the world.

    You can do anything from simply creating a donation page in lieu of gifts for your birthday to holding a large benefit concert in your community! Wherever your interest lies, there are endless opportunities. You can help save lives, stop torture, and make a different for justice and human rights by supporting Amnesty International today.

    Click below to learn more about getting involved or hit start fundraising if you know just what to do!


    Click here to contribute to a fundraiser Click here to contribute to a fundraiser Click here to learn more about fundraising for Amnesty



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