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Meet the Activism Team

    The Activism Team works to enable activism and public engagement with human rights.

    We pay particular attention to recruiting and supporting volunteer leadership and promoting priority campaign outreach and action.

    For more information about how you can get involved in Community Activism, contact an Activism Coordinator or other Team member near you:


    Western Canada and
    the Territories
    Eastern and Northern Ontario and Atlantic Canada Greater Toronto Area
    and Southwest Ontario
    Don Wright,
    Activism Coordinator
    Ailish Morgan-Welden,
    Activism Coordinator

    Elena Dumitru,
    Activism Coordinator

    Youth Activism and
    English Quebec
    Activism Materials  
    Shauna MacLean, National Youth and Student Coordinator
    Louise Mulvihill,
    Materials Distribution
    Urgent Actions
    Marilyn McKim,
    Urgent Action Network Coordinator