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Digital Communications Content Coordinator Job Description

    The Coordinator has central responsibility for coordinating and delivering digital content to achieve the full range of communication goals for Amnesty International Canada. This position has primary responsibility for creating the strategy and content that is delivered via email to Amnesty’s central emailing lists, to generate activism and deliver on our fundraising and campaign goals. This includes email appeals for funds, action-based emails, enewsletters and emails designed for cultivation. The other supporting areas of work are the management of digital supporter journeys, coordination of our annual event Write for Rights, and the alignment of Amnesty’s communication and organizing techniques to achieve our goals for broad public engagement. The Coordinator plays a key role in inter-departmental collaboration to identify and develop priority content around which Amnesty organizes and communicates across channels, and plays a leading role in formulating and delivering public engagement projects that grow its supporter base and deepen activism. The position is focused on reaching and engaging a broad public audience to facilitate lead generation and growth in both activism and fundraising, in support of the global movement. The Coordinator is a resource to all teams, and supports digital capacity across teams. Approximately 33% of the Coordinator’s time relates to fundraising.
    Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 09:13