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Resources for further reading and action on Mount Polley and BC mining reform

    British Columbians are waking up to the reality that our lakes, rivers and sacred waters may not be protected from the environmental harms associated with resource development in this province. After the Mount Polley mine disaster in 2014, experts concluded that BC is at risk of future tailings dam disasters: in fact, they caution BC could expect 2 such disasters every decade! 

    Much needs to happen to protect human rights and the environment under BC's current mining model. We've created this resource page to provide you with quick links to learn more about the Mount Polley mine disaster, the gendered impacts of resource extraction on women and girls, and ways in which BC's mining sector needs to be reformed. 

    • Read Amnesty’s report: A Breach of Human Rights: the human rights impact of the Mount Polley mine disaster, British Columbia
    • Learn about the impact of resource development in NorthEast BC on Indigenous Women and Girls. Read the Executive Summary of Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Gender, Indigenous Rights and Energy Development in Northeast British Columbia, Canada.
    • Article in Nature on the impacts of the disaster on Quesnel Lake: The bacterial community of Quesnel Lake sediments impacted by a catastrophic mine tailings spill differ in composition from those at undisturbed locations – two years post-spill. 
    • Support the new BC mining reform initiative put forward by more than 30 organisations, including Amnesty International Canada: BC Mining Law Reform
    • Learn about the Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake and their appeal of Mount Polley's water discharge permit
    • Our allies at Dogwood have launched a petition calling for Imperial Metals to be held to account for the disaster. 
    • The Auditor General of BC’s report and recommendations for improving compliance enforcement for the province's mining sector
    Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 19:28