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Activism Resources

    Activism Guide 


    View the the latest updates to the Activism Guide here >>>

    The Activism Guide is seasonal and so we encourage you to bookmark this page and keep checking back here for recent updates and new materials and resources.

    If you are interested in contributing to the Activism Guide please get in touch with Ailish Morgan-Weldon We would actively encourage volunteers, activists and supporters to contribute to the Activism guide - sharing actiivism or campaigning skills/ resources or blogs about activism in your region to share with oothers in the movement!

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    Looking for past editions of the Activism Guide? 

    Check out the Activism Guide archive here >>>


    NEW! Check out our Activism Planner for key dates, upcoming training opportunities, resource releases, and more. Please check back regularly for the latest information

    Download the Planner as a PDF>>>




    Human Rights Education: tools and resources


    REGISTER for Amnesty International's online Human Rights Academy >>>                             

    MORE Human Rights  Education materials, toolkits, and resources >>>                                  

    READ - blog: 6 free online courses to learn more about human rights >>>

    Organizing Toolkit

             SIGN-UP SHEET 

    Use our sign-up sheet to collect information from people at your Amnesty event 


             TABLING GUIDE 

    Use our practical tabling guide any time you have an information or action table for Amnesty Inernational