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Australia/ PNG: Refugees forcibly removed from detention centre

    Thursday, November 23, 2017 - 11:40

    Photo Credit: Amnesty International

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    There are ongoing concerns for hundreds of refugees as authorities forcibly relocated men from the Lombrum detention centre on 23 November, three weeks after all essential services were shut down. These refugees and asylum-seekers remain at further risk of violence from members of the local community and security forces.

    Around 8am on 23 November, Papua New Guinea authorities sent police and immigration officials, armed with sticks and knives, into the Lombrum detention centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG). Officials announced that the estimated 420 remaining refugees and asylum seekers had one hour to prepare for relocation. However, after several hours of peaceful resistance by the men, the officials destroyed their food and rainwater supplies and forcibly moved some refugees onto buses to transport them to other detention facilities on the island.

    PNG officials arrested refugee Behrouz Boochani and detained him for more than two hours. He is a leading human rights activist and journalist. Around 40 men were forcibly removed from Oscar Compound on 23 November, with some refugees saying they witnessed others being beaten or injured in the move. Police are threatening to forcibly move the hundreds of men still at the centre.

    On 31 October, the Australian government withdrew all personnel and services from the Manus Island detention centre at Lombrum, where refugees and asylum-seekers were sent as part of Australia's cruel and illegal “offshore processing” policies. The more than 600 men were told to move to so-called “transit” centres closer to town, increasing risks to their safety. The new facilities at Hillside Haus and West Lorengau are not yet complete and do not have secure fences or a proper power supply.

    The refugees and asylum-seekers have peacefully resisted moving as they fear for their personal safety. Locals have previously attacked refugees in the town of Lorengau, sometimes with machetes, and left several individuals badly injured. No action by the authorities has been taken to adequately protect the refugees from such violence.

    Please send a letter, email, tweet or fax without delay.

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    Call on the PNG and Australian authorities:

    * to ensure the safety and security of all refugees and asylum-seekers, including from violence by local communities, security forces or private security contractors and for police to refrain from arresting peaceful activists;

    * to ensure all refugees and asylum-seekers have access to acceptable living conditions, including access to adequate medical care, sanitation, food and water, electricity and other essential facilities;

    * to immediately bring all men to Australia and ensure all those granted refugee status have the right to settle in Australia or safe third countries.


    Here is the contact information you need:


    Minister of Immigration and Border Protection (Australia)

    Mr Peter Dutton       

    PO Box 6022

    House of Representatives

    Parliament House

    Canberra ACT 2600, Australia

    Fax:                011 61 2 6273 4144


    Salutation:      Dear Minister


    Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (PNG)

    Mr Petrus Thomas

    National Parliament

    Parliament House,


    Port Moresby, NCD

    Papua New Guinea

    Salutation:      Dear Minister


    Please send a copy to:


    Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

    Alex Hawke

    Email: OR

    Fax: 011 61 2 6277 8522


    His Excellency Tony William Negus

    High Commissioner for Australia

    50 O'Connor Street, Suite 1301

    Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L2

    Fax:                1 (613) 786-7621


    His Excellency Rupa Abraham Mulina

    High Commissioner for Papua New Guinea

    1779 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., Suite 805

    Washington, DC 20036, USA

    Fax:               1 202 745 3679


    Additional Information:

    Since Tuesday, 31 October, all water, food and power supplies have been cut off from the centre and the men have resorted to digging for ground water and catching rain in bins as their supplies run low. With severely limited access to medical care, and a rapid deterioration of sanitary conditions, these men have faced serious risks to their health and well-being. Amnesty International has called for the refugee detention centre on Manus Island to be closed and all refugees and asylum-seekers to be brought to safety in Australia. The closure of the detention centre only to move refugees to other so-called transit centres on Manus Island increases the already grave risks to their human rights. The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, has publicly expressed its concerns over the deteriorating situation and has said that “the planned closure of the Manus Centre must only take place in the context of continued critical services and in line with Australia’s ongoing responsibility for the refugees and asylum-seekers it has transferred to Papua New Guinea and Nauru”.

    Press Release: 11/07/2017

    Critical services - including food, water and medical treatment - must be restored to the more than 600 refugees and vulnerable men inside the Lombrum detention centre on Manus Island before a major tragedy occurs, Amnesty International said today as researchers returned from Manus Island.

    If authorities don’t act immediately, there is a real risk that the situation will catastrophically deteriorate. The lives of these men, who are only asking for their rights to dignity and safety, are at serious risk.

    - Kate Schuetze, Amnesty International’s Pacific Researcher.


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