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Demand Justice for Zak Kostopoulos

    Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 10:24

    Zak Kostopoulos (also known as Zackie Oh, his drag stage name), a queer activist and human rights defender in Greece, died on September 21, 2018 following a violent attack. Zak was a tireless defender of the rights of LGBTI people and HIV-positive persons.

    Video footage taken by eye witnesses show that Zak was brutally beaten by two men after entering a jewelry shop in central Athens. Footage also shows police arriving and violently attempting to arrest Zak. According to the forensic report, Zak died from the multiple injuries he sustained.

    While an investigation into Zak’s death is ongoing, many are concerned about flaws and delays in the investigation as well as persistent systemic failings in investigations concerning cases of police violence in Greece.

    Following Zak’s killing, fake news was spread, and discriminatory comments were made about LGBTI people, people living with HIV, and people who use drugs. This must not be tolerated.  

    Urge Greek authorities to ensure #Justice4ZakZackie

    Please send an email or letter to the Greek Minsters of Justice and Citizen’s Protection

    Urge a prompt, impartial, independent, and effective investigation which includes:

    • A criminal investigation of the brutal attack, ensuring essential evidence is obtained;
    • A criminal and disciplinary investigation on what appears to be arbitrary and abusive force by police officers, and the possible responsibility of the policy in Zak’s death; and
    • An investigation into a possible hate motive, discrimination, or other prejudice, both in the initial brutal attack and the use of force and overall behaviour of the police.

    Write to

    Minister Michalis Kalogirou

    Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights

    96 Mesogheion Avenue

    Athens 11527



    Fax +30-210-775-5835

    Salutation: Dear Minister


    Minister Olga Gerovasili

    Minister of Citizen's Protection

    4, P. Kanellopoulou

    Athens 10177



    Fax +30-210-699-8758/ +30-210-691-7944

    Twitter @olgagerovasili

    Salutation: Dear Minister