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Honour our Stolen Sisters at a vigil on October 4

    Friday, September 4, 2015 - 09:05

    October marks 11 years since Amnesty International released our “Stolen Sisters” report. In 2004 our report was ground breaking and helped to shine a light on a little known Canadian human rights crisis, and it promoted solutions identified by the Native Women’s Association of Canada and other partners in the Indigenous community.

    Much has changed in the past decade. October 4 has become a national day to commemorate the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls; over 200 vigils were held across the country last year. Cross-country walks have been held to raise awareness. Tens of thousands of petition signatures have been handed over to the federal government. Provincial and territorial governments have called for a national inquiry. Two federal Parliamentary Committees have studied the scope of the violence. The issue has been repeatedly raised at the United Nations. Three international missions came to Canada in 2013 to investigate the issue. And in 2014 the RCMP, for the first time ever, reported figures on the scope of the violence.

    What is missing? A comprehensive national response in keeping with the scale and seriousness of the violence. This requires a coordinated national action plan on violence against women coupled with a national public inquiry to ensure accountability.

    October 4 is a time to reflect on what we have achieved in the past decade and to stand with our Indigenous partners to honour our Stolen Sisters.

    Participate in a vigil on October 4

    Organize a vigil

    • If nothing is planned for your community, organize a vigil and register it with NWAC.
    • A resource kit is available to help you organize your vigil.

    Share on social media

    Take to social media on October 4 and share photos from the vigil and spread the messages to your friends and followers that October 4 is a time to honour the lives of Indigenous women and girls who have been lost to violence, and to re-commit ourselves to real action to end this human rights crisis.

    For more information contact or visit our Stolen Sisters campaign webpage


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